Monday, December 28, 2009

Sex And More Sex

The DR Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS is launching a training program for 150 former sex workers and 52 transsexuals. The trainees (and trannies) will attend courses in the areas of beauty, bakery, nail design, hair, cooking, hotel room management, interior design and other vocations. The program seeks to provide the workers with alternative job skills.

Also, Diario Libre is reporting that 72% of inmates in the nations jails say they have a sex life behind bars. Prisoners in La Victoria jail have the highest percentage, with 82% of inmates saying they are sexually active. Other jails have between 55% and 67% of inmates reporting to be active. Of those interviewed only 12% said they have sex for cash. 10% said they have multiple partners. 82% of those having sex say they do use condoms.

I find this very interesting indeed. I don't believe the US would ever take such a survey and would certainly not provide condoms for inmates who supposedly are not having sex in jail anyway. Perhaps that is why HIV/AIDS infections is rising is US jails and prisons. I think we should take a lesson from these fine folks in the DR. Admit that it is happening and provide the prisoners with proper precautions. And hey, how about those hombres having good sex just for sex, not for money. Now don't you all try to get into the penal system next time you travel to Santo Domingo. I hear the conditions there are horrible!

Monday, December 21, 2009

...rumors of war

Columbia braces for possible attack!

This saga that has been playing out with Hugo Chavez is quite disturbing. It is not to be taken lightly. A world power, whether real or in his own mind, Chavez is in a position to disrupt progress made by South American and West Indian countries.

Though the US has concerns about the politics of Chavez it has no immediate reason to feel threatened or to want to enter into another war effort at this time. The country is already suffering from effects of two major missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I believe Chavez knows this, but is capitalizing on opportunity to catapult himself into legend and lore. This game of "he said-she said" is a dangerous game indeed when the world is at such a sensitive stage while recovering from one of the worst economic crises in history.

Read more here and here.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Do you love the Dominican Republic AND Beyonce? Here is your chance to enjoy them both! As part of her 2010 World Tour, Beyonce will perform at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo on March 20, 2010.

The stadium holds upwards of 40,000 spectators, but only 15, 000 tickets are being put on sale for this exclusive concert. She will be singing songs from her new CD, "I Am...Sasha Fierce."

For ticketing information see

UPDATE 12-22-09: the concert dates for San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as for Santo Domingo have been cancelled from the 2010 World Tour.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

21st World AIDS Day

Let us all take a moment to celebrate and remember the lives of those we have lost to AIDS. Let us also vow to rally our support to find a cure and assist those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Secretary General of the caribbean community makes his speech. The message is posted at South Florida Caribbean News.

The Atlantic has an article entitled How AIDS Became A Caribbean Crisis. It tells of how homophobia has intensified the epidemic in Jamaica.

PANCAP, which is the Pancaribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS tracks progress in educational services and the reduction of new cases.

Every year in the DR 1,200 children are born to mothers with HIV, 11% of those children are born with the virus. Listen Diario reports that 1,300 children are currently living with HIV in the DR. There is progress in the DR with 9 counseling centers and 12 integrated care centers being recently inaugurated.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Total Package?

Collins is quite sexy indeed. Is this what would be considered a total package?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Thanksgiving Feast...

...for the eyes! Enjoy these pics as America celebrates Thanksgiving Day on Thursday. For those who don't know, this holiday commemorates the first "thanksgiving" celebrated by the pilgrims after they survived their first year in America.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dominican Men Cheat!

The perception that Dominican men are unfaithful to their wives might be the elephant in the room, but a study by Omnicom Media Group is providing some initial figures into how big the elephant really is.

According to the survey of 2,400 people, 73% of men admitted cheating on their partners while only 26% of women admitted to infidelity. There is a 5% margin of error in the study, one of few on Dominican sexual behavior.

Participants logged onto and filled out a quick questionare, which was then evaluated by Omnicom.

I wish they had considered asking the gender of the person with whom they cheated. It is known that many societies accept this bravado behavior from men as it pertains to affairs, but to have numbers on how many of them cheat with other men would be very insightful.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turks And Caicos

If you are not into the bright lights and crowds of most destinations that cater to gays you may want to consider Turks and Caicos. The islands offer picturesque views and relaxed attitudes.
There is some gay activity. Providenciales seems to be the hub for gay or gay-friendly activity. There is said to be a Dominican nightclub there with a liberal crowd.
Accomodations are linked here and here.
Attitudes may be conservative in these islands, but homosexuality was decriminalized a few years ago by order of the British government.
Read comments from an insider about being gay in Turks and Caicos.
Carnival is also a great spectacle here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Sexy Friend

This is Gustavo. He lives in the Dominican Republic and likes making new friends.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Final Scene

It was not his intent to be caught up in this media storm, the glamorous life as they call it. We were perfectly content working in the office and climbing the corporate ladder. We were both quite successful by anyones standards. We have a luxury penthouse in Sao Paulo, a vacation bungalow in Curacao, expense accounts, investments. We're doing well.
All seemed innocent enough when he agreed to be photographed by the top erotic magazine in Brazil. It was tastefully done and very little genitalia showing. (No small fete for someone like Iran) But his spread proved to be immensely popular and was called back again, then again. Before we knew it he had done work for several media outlets and had done erotic video as well, solo of course.
Our time together began to dwindle as he tried to maintain his corporate job and handle being a semi-celebrity as well. The problem started when one of the photographers began showing up at our job. He wanted to take Iran to lunch for doing such a great job. He wanted to take Iran to soccer for helping him win an award. He took Iran to Rio for a weekend to promote a new calendar project.
After that weekend Iran behaved strangely. He finally told the photographer had much more than taking pictures on his mind. Turns out he was obsessed with Iran. We have since had to call police numerous times, change our phone numbers and limit our time outside of home.
To make a long story short, he confronted me one day when he came to my office unannounced. Things got pretty loud. By the time the cops came we were literally clutching each others throats as I attempted to avoid the knife he had produced from his camera bag. Iran agreed to retire from modeling and we are currently weighing options to relocate and begin our own design firm. So, this is the last of Iran as most of the world knows him. It's time we focus on one another and become the center of each others universe. The way it used to be.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday Pic

Update to the story reported on Monaga.
dr1 reports that the 20 year old rapper Jean Luis Valdez Flores indeed has confessed to the murder and has been arrested. He states that he had agreed to have sex with tv personality Miky Breton, 49, for RD $5000. He was to play the role of "the man." However, when the subject of switching roles came up he did not want to do it. A fight broke out and he initially hit the victim knocking him unconscious. He decided to kill the tv personality with a knife he had in his bag after concluding the police nor anyone else would believe his side of the story.
As speculated the gay panic angle, or close to it, is playing out. It will be interesting to see how this turns out since 1) he confessed to agreeing to have sex for money 2) he killed the only witness who could contradict his version of what happened.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Jamaicans Seek Asylum

For weeks, Nathaniel Cunningham and his boyfriend secretly lived together in rural Jamaica. They showed no affection in public and rarely spoke to their neighbors.

Then one morning, Cunningham picked up a local newspaper with a front-page story under the headline, "Homosexual Prostitutes Move into Residential Neighborhood." His address was listed.

For days afterward, Cunningham said an angry mob gathered on his lawn hurling rocks and bricks and calling them "batty boys"- a Jamaican slang term for gay. Eventually, the pair grabbed what they could and fled on foot. Cunningham said neither he nor his boyfriend were prostitutes-the slur was an example of the abuse gay men face in Jamaica.

The story was one of many that Cunningham recently shared with a federal immigration judge in his successful bid to win asylum in the US. And it's similar to other stories cited by asylum seekers who are using US immigration courts to argue that their sexual orientation makes it too dangerous to return home.

Until recently, those grounds have been rarely used. But now immigrant and gay activists say more asylum seekers from Latin America and the caribbean are citing sexual orientation as reasons for seeking asylum.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I am testing out my new laptop. I am still trying to figure everything out and locate files, etc.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Gay Baiting???

I'll try not to get on my soap box with this one, but the subject seems to keep coming up. Even the great and powerful Oz (the cardinal in Santo Domingo) has refered to it in some of his dialogue. I can not resist saying "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Is there such a thing as gay baiting? I mean, do people lay in wait while they have cast their lure in hopes of catching someone they can "transform?" Or maybe I've missed seeing the gays as they flutter about sprinkling fairy dust over unsuspecting targets of their desire.

I know that sounds foolish. But the whole theory of gay baiting sounds foolish to ME. It has always been my observation and experience that someone can't change who you are. They may say or do something to cause you to reflect or to think, but ultimately you are who you are.

I've known VERY heterosexual guys who are comfortable with themselves and not threatened when in the company of gays. I have also known some guys who "doth protest too much" when in the presence of a gay or when discussing sexuality. Often that person has been hiding their own desire, or excapades.

The cardinal mentions the gay travelers coming to the island and spreading their ideas and ideals, corrupting the minds and fabric of Dominican society. Hah! If refering to the obvious cruising going on in and around the colonial zone I must reiterate a previous point. You are what you are.

Yes, I have heard that many buggies say they only do it for the money. My response? LUDACRIS! There are just as many heterosexual travelers of the female persuasion that are looking to enjoy the company of a hot latin man. And there are many heterosexual buggies who are helping to satisfy those women. there is even a film about it called Hanky Spanky.

I know that a blind pinga only feels pleasure. Meaning that ones identity mostly involves ones mind. So how do you explain all these men, buggies or not, that say they are straight but have sex with other men. They are at the very least bisexual. But that is yet another story.

I find it hard to believe or to subscribe to the belief that there is any such thing as gay baiting. And as for the clergy, keep a close eye on them. Is there a strong wind or something else rustling those robes as the altar boys walk by?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

R & R

My system is still hijacked. It will cost more than expected to clean it. I am weighing my options, whether to repair what I have or to replace it. In the meantime, I came across LatinJocks before my system was hijacked by the bugies. (they are rude & reckless nuisances) The LatinJocks site is becoming a favorite.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bad bugies...

No, this is not a post about the buggarones, or buggies, in Santo Domingo. Rather, it is concerning the bad bugs on my hard drive. I'm scheduled to take it in tomorrow to have it checked out. Thanks for being patient and I hope to be back in action soon providing scrumptous eye candy, gossip/news and the latest travel information. Thanks for being patient!