Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Much Ado About...

...New Year in Santo Domingo!
If you're in the Dominican Republic for the holiday you may want to take advantage of this information from dr1:

The DR's equivalent of New York's Times Square New Year celebration is the Brugal-sponsored live bash at Avenida del Puerto. Starting at 10pm, leading Dominican bands will perform, including Hector Acosta (El Torito), Jose Alberto (El Canario), Tono Rosario, Rubby Perez, Jose Pena Suazo, Frank Reyes and El Chaval de la Bachata. Other parties are planned for Hotel Jaragua's Salon La Fiesta, where Fernando Villalona, Hector Acosta, Omega, Elvis Martinez and Pochy Familia will take the stage as of 10pm. Hotel Melia Santo Domingo has its Fiesta del 31 for RD$1,000 and RD$1,500 on the Malecon. The Malecon Center on Avenida George Washington is advertising an electronic music party with French DJ Bob Sinclar, accompanied by leading local DJs. For more events, see http://www.dr1.com/calendar

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shipwreck Identified

Associated Press reports:
Marine archaeologists have found the remains of a slave ship wrecked off the Turks and Caicos Islands, an accident that set free the ancestors of many current residents of those islands.
Some 192 Africans survived the sinking of the Spanish ship Trouvadore off the British-ruled islands, where the slave trade was banned.
The ship had been forgotten, so when the discovery connected the ship to current residents the first response "was a kind of shock," said researcher Don Keith.
"The people of the Turks and Caicos have a direct line to this dramatic, historic event- it's how so many of them ended up being here," he said.
The team was able to determine that authorities on the islands apprenticed the Africans to trades for a year and then allowed them to settle on the islands, many on Grand Turk. The ships Spanish crew was arrested and turned over to authorities in Cuba, then a Spanish colony.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Going to be with family this Christmas. Looks to be an exciting weekend. Hope you all have a great holiday!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I have never understood the desire to get on cam and expose yourself to the world, but it sure is fun to watch!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Port Inaugurated

dr1 reports:
Santo Domingo's Sans Souci Tourist Port is ready for its January 2009 inauguration. The first phase, the Don Diego port has been remodeled and a new terminal was built on the eastern side. The port project also includes the dredging of the Ozama River in order to accommodate the large cruise ships that call at Santo Domingo. Sans Souci Port Executive Director Luis Molina told Listin Diario that when the Don Diego port operation began in 2006, they received 40,000 cruise ship passengers in that first year. The 2007-2008 season has ended with more than twice that number, 82,000. He forecast that the 2008-2009 season would bring 125,000 passengers. Work on the port continues and the plans are for capacity to receive 9,000 cruise ship passengers per day. The next phase involves the relocation of the Navy Base in order to prepare the way for high rises, a project that will change the Santo Domingo skyline, with 2,500 units planned. The master plan consists of mixed residential and commercial use, starting by mid-2010. "We want to develop Sans Souci as an entertainment venue within Santo Domingo," he said. A large open commercial plaza will host restaurants, and a 1,000-seat amphitheater is also planned. "The idea is to create a walkable part of the city. Avenida Espana will border the project, becoming a well-lit boulevard with kiosks.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Long-Term Fantasy

If you choose well, this is what your mate looks like in 30-40 years.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Flights and Friends

JetBlue Airways have announced plans to fly non-stop from Santo Domingo to Fort Lauderdale in May 2009, subject to receiving the go-ahead from the government operating authority. JetBlue plans to operate its Santo Domingo service with 150-seat Airbus A320 aircraft. JetBlue inaugurated its Santo Domingo-San Juan, Puerto Rico connection on 3 December, flying an E1980. The route has had such great demand that on 18 December an additional flight will be added, to be operated by the Airbus A320.

While in Santo Domingo why not make friends with these guys. Mauricio is 23 years old (12-26-08, just did video for Papicock.com), Black Baby is 18 years old and wants to date men.


Today we celebrate the 100th Friday Fantasy post. This one expresses the excitement of the milestone and blows my mind whenever I see it. Hooray for 100 and hooray for Hollywood!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Holiday Gift Giving

Just in time for the holidays, Cavenaugh Photography publishes two coffee table books for your enjoyment or to give as gifts.

“Poetry and Photography only for the grown and sexy”
My new books, the Men of Color series coffetable books are hot off the press for purchase at Blurb! The majority of models appearing in the series have never modeled before which adds a sense of reality and spontaneity.

The link allows you to see a vivid 15 page preview for each book as well as read other information about the books and additional projects. Each volume is being offered in hard cover or soft cover options, making them a great gift for any day.
As a bonus in MOCV2, introducing prolific self photographer, Gabriel (NewVision) who delivers a glimpse of his profound talent both in front and behind the lens. Always check back at our website http://www.cavenaughphotography.biz/ for updates on book signings,new products, announcements, and model updates, etc.

Final note, as part of the purchase process, you are going to be asked for your email to create an account, only used with purchases in its bookstore. The purpose behind the request is to allow you to receive order confirmations, order status, shipping status, tracking, and order updates by Blurb! if necessary. Your email is not sold or used for any other purpose other than your purchases.

Click here for the link to preview the books!