Saturday, May 14, 2011

Becoming Kevyn

Venom, as most people know him by his work in the adult entertainment industry, appears to be quite multi-talented aside from his ability to fulfill fantasies and appear in dreams.

He is hosting his own weekly broadcast on BlogTV, appears on YouTube and also promotes events. This brother can sing as well! Congratulations Kevyn on dispelling stereotypes and Happy Birthday today!!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Truth Hurts

When a friend is hurt you shouldn't say "I told you so." Even if you believe the person appears to be operating with an altered sense of reality it is sometimes best to ride the situation out and see where it ends. It is unfortunate that I am posting this entry at the request of that friend. But, it is fair warning to the rest of you!

I'd like to apologize to all my friends in Chicago and the DR for unwitingly introducing you to a person who is dishonest, deceiving and a thief!

I met Freddy Dominguez Hernandez on my first trip to Santo Domingo in 2002. He seemed to be a nice guy so we would run together on each of my visits, which happen about four times per year. There was no physical or sexual attraction so he made a good running buddy. Often he would say "I don't want you to trust the Dominican men because they are all out for money." This was nothing new to me as it seemed to be the case during my travels to Germany, Spain, Turkey, Greece and various other places.

Each time I traveled to SD I would let Freddy know in advance and he would meet me as soon as I reached the Colonial Zone (Conde area). I would usually bring him something (shoes, clothes, electronics) and would feed him while I was there. Upon leaving I would give him $100. He was actually getting more than the boogies and we never touched each other! I did this because he seemed to be a decent guy and he helped me get around in SD. Actually, after my first 4 trips I really didn't need any assistance but continued to be nice to Freddy out of friendship. I wasn't using boogies after the first year so I certainly didn't need him to help me find any.

Having just returned home from a 10-day trip in SD I am upset, somewhat surprised and hurt. I can't believe someone I treated so well, someone who has introduced me to his girlfriend, kids and mother, slept in my hotel room, eaten my food and partied with would betray me.

Upon my arrival he asked for US $50 to buy food for his family. No problem. He then ran with me a few days as he has done every trip. Freddy asked when I was leaving (as he's done every trip). The day before leaving he asked to go to the store with me. While at the checkout counter Freddy asked to use my phone, Blackberry Torch, to call a taxi. He has used my phone dozens of times so again, no problem. He says he's going to step outside to make the call and watch for the taxi. I finished my transaction and went to the door of the store. I looked around until finally a lady told me "I heard your friend say to someone on the phone, 'I have the phone now come pick me up'." This guy actually planned days prior to my departure to steal my Blackberry and sell it. He did it the day before my departure because he knew I would not have time to pursue him. He had mentioned before that my phone was worth US$600 in SD. The gentlemen at my hotel desk informed me he asked them two days before if they wanted to buy a Blackberry for $500.

Remember, I have been acquainted with this guy for ten years. He was always calling me his so-called "brother." To sum it up, avoid this man! Delete him from your contact list. If he approaches you ask for his cedula to confirm his identity. He is a lying theif!
His information is listed below.

Freddy Dominguez Hernandez
ID# 001.1517615-8
Buenos Hines
Santo Domingo, Oeste

UPDATE JUNE 10, 2011: The police in DR say 2,751 reports of stolen cellphones across the country already this year may be a low figure because not everyone reports their loss. They say in March alone, 500 Blackberry smartphones were reported stolen.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Vacation Planning 101

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