Friday, February 29, 2008


OMG!! I have always had a crush on Mario Lopez. He is one of my favorite latin actors. I remember him on Saved By The Bell. He was amazing in the Greg Luganis Story and looked awesome on Dancing With The Stars. Here is a sexy clip from the show Nip/Tuck. He truly leaves me breathless...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


These are some pictures of a few of the guys I've photographed over the years. I thought you all might like them.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This information and photos were furnished by one of the blog readers that I met a few years ago in Santo Domingo. Thank you Senor Vedado!

I have made 8 visits to Cuba in the last 4 years... Havana is a very beautiful city..with the most amazing architecture...the people are very, very friendly..and there are so many good looking, sexy men there.. some of whom are very friendly indeed...and very anxious to make foreign friends...there are many very good and comfortable hotels in Havana .. and other places in Cuba... but it is forbidden for Cubans to stay in these hotels... so Cuban guys cannot even visit a hotel bedroom..but it is much more interesting to stay in a private home...and there are many, many beautiful houses in which one can rent a bedroom...usually with a bathroom en suite..and they are SUCH good value for the money..usually about $30 a night and $5 for breakfast..many of the owners are very gay friendly.. and not at all judgemental.. they are very happy for guests to be entertained.. and I know two very friendly gay guys who rent rooms..and who are also happy to make introductions..

there is no organised gay scene.. there is, however a beach which is about 12 miles outside of Havana..there are always some very,very sexy guys on this beach who are more than happy to go 'swimming'' with any gay foreign visitors who find their way to this beach.. and take a ride back into Havana with them!! I met Rainier, (the guy in the pics above) 4 yrs ago.. he has become a very good friend of mine..He uses his motor bike as a taxi, as do many Cuban guys..I also met Edisbel(previous post) on this beach in july'05.. he was visiting with two other very good looking friends from Santiago de Cuba.. I spent some time with him in Havana and later went to stay with him in Santiago..Cuban guys are so fun loving and lively.. they really are great company, great fun.. and considering they have very difficult lives they are so cheerful and happy..!!

The private houses in which one can rent a room have a bathroom ensuite! The other pic was taken on the gay beach... 3 young Cuban gay guys sharing a beach umbrella..since there is not much of an organised gay scene in havana there are impromptu parties that start late on a saturday night.. you have to know the meeting place..there is one cafe on the corner of 23 and P streets, but A LOT can be acheived by eye contact on the street.. then let word of mouth takeover... once you have one contact other introductions are easy..!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It has always been a fantasy of mine to travel to Cuba. I can only hope that the heavenly powers allow me to go while I'm young enough to really enjoy it!

These photos are of Edisbel. He is one of my Hi5 friends in Cuba. I will be sharing more information about Cuba from an acquaintance who has traveled there many times.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This news item was just released by USA Today and has been confirmed by CNN, CBS and other international news media.

An ailing Fidel Castro stepped aside as Cuba's leader Tuesday, ending nearly a half-century of rule that saw him become an arch-enemy of 10 U.S. presidents as head of one of the world's last communist nations.
Castro, 81, announced his decision in a letter posted in the online edition of the Communist Party daily Granma, which has been his main form of communication since July 2006, when a crippling illness rendered him too weak to appear in public.
His brother Raul Castro, 76, has run Cuba on a day-to-day basis since Fidel became sick, an arrangement that is likely to continue for now. However, Fidel Castro's formal departure will deprive the Cuban regime of its most charismatic leader and could spark new calls for democracy from Washington and from Cuban Americans living in Miami and elsewhere.

Surely there will be speculations, implications and ramifications. Whatever, just lift the embargo, open the floodgates and let us in!!


Audio Guide Dominicana is a new service now available in Santo Domingo that allows visitors to go on self-guided tours of the highlights of historic Santo Domingo. This is for people who like to travel independently but would still like some guidance. JC Colonial Service uses high-quality MP3 players that can be placed in a pocket. It gives users the freedom to make their own route, at their own pace. The offices are located at the Don Diego Port Terminal in Santo Domingo, Columbus Alcazar and Hard Rock Cafe in front of the Columbus Park. The audio tour covers more than 25 historical points in the Colonial City and is available in Spanish, English and French. Also included with the price is an informative booklet with a map, photos and suggested route, and admission to the Columbus Alcazar and Casa del Tostado. To take a break, a non-alcoholic beverage is included at Hard Rock Cafe. The price is US$25 + 16% tax. Offices are open from 8:30am until closing of museums, around 5pm. Visitors who are just passing through Santo Domingo can make use of their daily and weekly luggage storage service for an additional fee. For more information and contact details go to:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Civil Aviation Board issued its approval for the new airline, Air Dominicana to begin flights in May. The airline, an affiliate of Air Europa of Grupo Globalia in Spain, will initially fly to destinations in the US, Mexico and South America. In a second phase, the airline will fly to Europe and more South American destinations.

It is unknown what effect this new service will have on industry competition, but I am hoping to see lower fares, even if only through frequent sales!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Feliz dia de Amor! I hope you have, or find, someone to be extremely close to on this special day.

Monday, February 11, 2008


And you thought carnaval season was over! In case you will be in Santo Domingo during the next few weeks, dr1 reports the following:

City Mayor Roberto Salcedo announced carnival activities will be taking place in Santo Domingo starting this Sunday along Mexico Avenue. As occurs in La Vega and Santiago and other interior cities, there will be a carnival parade in Santo Domingo, announced Ramon Rivas, president of the Diablos Cojuelos Unidos organization. The carnival parades end on Sunday, 24 February after when a jury will chose the three winners that will then represent the National District in the Sunday, 2 March carnival parade along the Malecon. Winners of carnival from all over the country come to the city for the big parade.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


How nice it would be to stumble upon this guy in the gym shower.
Alan is one of the guys from
the reality show Big Brother Brasil.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Here is a video clip of one of the strippers at CHA Disco in Santo Domingo. The music is pumping, so turn down your volume.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Buenos everyone! I don't know about you, but I can not seem to get enough of hot Brazilian men! I came across David while browsing Hi5.

Bob, of Brazil, sent me a link to his new blog and asked if I would mention it here. I have done even better, it is now in the Links section.