Sunday, February 24, 2008


This information and photos were furnished by one of the blog readers that I met a few years ago in Santo Domingo. Thank you Senor Vedado!

I have made 8 visits to Cuba in the last 4 years... Havana is a very beautiful city..with the most amazing architecture...the people are very, very friendly..and there are so many good looking, sexy men there.. some of whom are very friendly indeed...and very anxious to make foreign friends...there are many very good and comfortable hotels in Havana .. and other places in Cuba... but it is forbidden for Cubans to stay in these hotels... so Cuban guys cannot even visit a hotel bedroom..but it is much more interesting to stay in a private home...and there are many, many beautiful houses in which one can rent a bedroom...usually with a bathroom en suite..and they are SUCH good value for the money..usually about $30 a night and $5 for breakfast..many of the owners are very gay friendly.. and not at all judgemental.. they are very happy for guests to be entertained.. and I know two very friendly gay guys who rent rooms..and who are also happy to make introductions..

there is no organised gay scene.. there is, however a beach which is about 12 miles outside of Havana..there are always some very,very sexy guys on this beach who are more than happy to go 'swimming'' with any gay foreign visitors who find their way to this beach.. and take a ride back into Havana with them!! I met Rainier, (the guy in the pics above) 4 yrs ago.. he has become a very good friend of mine..He uses his motor bike as a taxi, as do many Cuban guys..I also met Edisbel(previous post) on this beach in july'05.. he was visiting with two other very good looking friends from Santiago de Cuba.. I spent some time with him in Havana and later went to stay with him in Santiago..Cuban guys are so fun loving and lively.. they really are great company, great fun.. and considering they have very difficult lives they are so cheerful and happy..!!

The private houses in which one can rent a room have a bathroom ensuite! The other pic was taken on the gay beach... 3 young Cuban gay guys sharing a beach umbrella..since there is not much of an organised gay scene in havana there are impromptu parties that start late on a saturday night.. you have to know the meeting place..there is one cafe on the corner of 23 and P streets, but A LOT can be acheived by eye contact on the street.. then let word of mouth takeover... once you have one contact other introductions are easy..!!!


Chet said...

It appears that Cuba could be somewhat Gay Friendly. The people are absolutely beautiful and the beaches are great, maybe someday soon I can visit.

Anonymous said...

Chet, I don't know your personal circumstances, but if you live in the northeastern USA, you can fly to Toronto or Montreal and take a Canadian airline to Havana or Santiago de Cuba. My understanding is the Cuban authorities will not stamp your US passport if you ask them not to, so there won't be a record of you having visited there.

If you call an Air Canada LOCAL office in Toronto or Montreal, they will tell you how it works. But be sure you get an office in Canada. If you are connected to Air Canada's reservation office in Tampa, they will tell you they are prohibited by US law from discussing flights to Cuba.

Ridiculous, isn't it? I see the NY Philharmonic is playing in North Korea, part of the "Axis of Evil." Why in heaven's name can't we make peace with little, beautiful Cuba?

Chet said...

Thankz I will look into a travel plan, thank you for sharing this information with me.

Anonymous said...

CAREFUL......Canadian officials now permit U.S. immigration officials to station themselves by Cuban flights returning to Canada and look for U.S. passports. The fines are hefty and there is possible jail time but usually they dont impose that on the first offense. The Bahamas also has U.S. agents in the airports.....use a country that does not permit our government to use their airports to snare Americans traveling to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

This is very important news! As a canadian, I wasn't aware of that. Doesn't make me very proud of my country! Thanks for clarifying.

This warning needs to be published even more widely.

Let's hope mexico is still available as a portal country.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in going to Cuba and staying with a gay Cuban. How do I make contact?

T-D Moderator said...

email me at and I will put you in contact with someone.