Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is Everything Irie?

I could not believe this video clip when I first saw it. The guys dancing here are awesome. Oh, to be young and energetic! What really struck me is that they are dancing TOGETHER...in JAMAICA. It all appears to be innocent fun, but given the social dynamics of the country and the awareness that the smallest indication of same-sex attraction may lead to torture, these two had better be careful. They are cute though!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Haiti Elections

Mariano Fernandez Amunátegui, special representative of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for Haiti, welcomed work begun by the country’s president and the president of the National Assembly to organize local, municipal and mid-term legislative elections by the end of the year.

“We hope that the three branches of the state power work together diligently toward that goal,” he said in a statement released by the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, or MINUSTAH, which Fernandez heads.

According to that release, the most urgent task now is to put in place an Electoral Council.

In that context, he said that a 25 December agreement between the executive and legislative branches, on the formation of a Transitional College of the Permanent Electoral Council was an important first step and he urged its work be carried out without delay, in an independent and transparent manner.

The special representative reiterated that MINUSTAH and the international community are ready to support the organization of inclusive elections in Haiti.

The Security Council established MINUSTAH in June 2004 to restore a secure and stable environment, to promote the political process, to strengthen Haiti’s government institutions and rule-of-law-structures, as well as to promote and to protect human rights.

It has also helped support Haiti’s authorities with recovery efforts in the wake of the massive earthquake that struck in January 2010, as well as supporting preparations for presidential elections held in 2011.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DR Receives Praise!

 Leading world travel luminaries such as Lonely Planet, Fodor's and Golfweek praise Dominican Republic's exuberant golf, beaches and exciting ecotourism and culture. Centrally located in the Caribbean with delicious gastronomy, friendly people and world-class resorts, Dominican Republic is the place to go in 2013!

"Dominican Republic boasts an unrivaled and carefully nurtured natural environment with culturally rich cities and friendly Dominican towns that keep visitors coming back to our 1,000 miles of sunny coastline every year," said Magaly Toribio, marketing advisor for the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism. "The charm and lure of the country comes from our exuberant people, abundant recreation and excursions, rich culture and superlative relaxation enabling visitors to transcend their cares and restore their joy."

Dominican Republic's first tourist was Christopher Columbus in 1492. Rich in history, Dominican Republic has developed into a diverse destination offering both Dominican and European flavours to approximately five million global visitors in 2012.

Named #1 Golf Destination in Caribbean and Latin America by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, Dominican Republic boasts 28 designer golf courses, upscale resorts, pristine nature and sophisticated cities and quaint villages filled with warm Dominican people.

The Dominican Republic features the best beaches, fascinating history and culture, and is a chosen escape for celebrities, couples and families alike.

Source: Caribbean News Now

Monday, January 07, 2013

Not All Bad

While I discover why I'm not able to upload pics or video I will post this nice story from dr1.

An enterprising young man has set up his informal food stand at the corner of Beller and Cuba streets in Santiago. He sells freshly boiled corn on the cob from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday he sells at other places around town. What makes this different is that the seller is dressed somewhat like a doctor and his equipment sparkles with cleanliness. Masked, gloved and aproned, young Miguel Vargas told El Caribe reporters that this gives his business a better image and has contributed to his growing list of customers. Businesses in the area send their messengers with orders for his corn and he delivers, leaving his modest equipment in the care of a friend. He urges young people to get out and work, saying "A hundred pesos well earned is worth a lot more than a thousand that were stolen." With his business, Vargas takes care of his two sons aged 12 and 16.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year For Travel

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