Friday, June 30, 2006


When you travel to a tropical locale you want to hit the beach. No doubt about it! As mentioned before, Santo Domingo doesn't have much beach area to talk about. There's a few very small spots here and there along the Malecon. Nothing you'd want to write home about.

But, take the 25 minute drive to Boca Chica and you're in for a treat! I prefer Sundays because that's when the locals are there, so you're not surrounded by just a bunch of tourists. It's really exciting and festive. Be prepared to have to fend off the "salespeople" and definitely take your camera.

Now, if you want tranquility then you MUST take a trip a bit further to Guayacanes. It's not anything like Boca Chica. It's quiet, except for the locals. It's a beautiful area, in a rustic way. It seems to be a fishermans area. There are some pricey homes here that access the beach (fenced in, of course) and I sat at a fabulous restaurant while waiting on my cab. Not much else in this quaint little spot.

1. relaxing at Boca Chica
2. strolling the beach at Boca Chica
3. catch of the day at Guayacanes
4. beach home in Guayacanes


I met Roy at JayDees also. He was definitely a sexy little number and a great go-go dancer. He's one of those "where are they now?" guys. Somebody pleeeease tell me! LOL

Monday, June 26, 2006


There has been some talk about a new club opening in Santo Domingo. Well, here's the scoop! Dr. Leon and crew are opening yet another venue. The discoteque will be called Fantasy Stars and will be open on Fridays and Sundays. They promise spectacular shows with drags and strippers.

The Grand Opening will be June 30th, featuring what has been dubbed the "Dominican Chippendales." (wish I could be there for that!) July 2nd will feature one of the countrys famous singers, Vickiana.

If you'll be in Santo Domingo during this time be sure to check it out. And let us know ALL about it!!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Andre is of Cuban decent. With guys like this on the island, why on earth would anyone be trying to leave?!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As mentioned in the CITY TOUR post, there are some great little places to dine in Santo Domingo. Of course, we all know about Pacos on the Conde. It has a casual feel, simple menu and Micki is by far one of the best waitresses in the city. And it goes without saying that Pacos is "cruise central."

Just off the Conde, across from Independence Park, is Dumbo's. It has a deli-type atmosphere and good service. It's also open 24 hours, but you'd better take your parka because they give you air-conditioning!

If you've ever been to, or passed by, Hotel Duque de Wellington then you've probably noticed one of my favorite places, Cafe Villar. You could order from a menu, but the buffet suits me just fine. They recently put glass on the Independence Avenue side, but the windows slide open which allows you to still have that open-air feel. I won't even mention the wait staff and servers! Okay, just one word....Gorgeous!

I was taken to a different buffet on my last trip. Man, it was beautiful!! El Conuco Restaurant has a carriage out front with all sorts of flowers. The interior is quite decorative also. Talk about "seleciones" on the buffet!! This place even has entertainment, including a lady that dances on a bottle!!! The price point is a bit higher, US $11-20, but well worth it. The address is Calle Casimiro de Moya #152 in the Gazcue area.

The American Restaurant in the colonial zone is pricier also, but has outstanding seafood. My friend had a steak that he's still raving about after TWO years!

I wouldn't dare overlook the experience of dining waterfront, at dusk, at any of the awesome places on the pavilion adjacent to Alcazar de Colon.

1. Micki at Pacos
2. outside El Conuco Restaurant

Friday, June 16, 2006


As we continue with our city tour. Let's take a look at the Botanical Gardens. I was sooooo surprised at what I found. I only went to do something different, but was very much impressed by the thought and effort put into the Gardens. It is a jewel, an oasis of beauty, in the heart of the city. I would definitely take my significant other here for a stroll through the lush flora and to gaze at the water features. Of course, a group of friends is okay too.


I can't imagine having a "favorites" list that didn't include Mauro. He is a truly nice guy. I have observed his metamorphosis over a few years from a shy, timid dancer at JayDees into a confident, out-going young hombre. The man is buff and beautiful, inside and out! He's the type that you wish you could tuck away somewhere and keep him from becoming spoiled and arrogant. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Once again, you look up and you see photoshoots or video of the hombre that has evidently become the favorite of so many others.

Friday, June 09, 2006


This post is basically about a fantasy destination, as opposed to a particular man. Images of the vibrant cities of Brazil and their reknown beaches are enough to spark a fire in anyones heart (or loins).

If you have some time on your hands and are trying to decide what to do with it, you should consider the Bahian Heat event. It's sponsored by the same group that does Dominican Island Heat. You still have time to make reservations and shop for some of those wicked brazilian-type swimsuits.

I also want to make you aware of the new hotel listing on the Travel Info page. La Hacienda is right in the mix of things and offers great accomodations. If you can sleep next to Club Arena and the spa then you might consider this hot spot. Who goes to Santo Domingo to sleep anyway, right?

I receive emails frequently from readers of the blog. But, let me thank you for the comments you leave here for everyone to read and discuss. However, the emails I receive (as you would imagine) are usually of a more personal nature. Someone wanting recommendations, a hook-up, etc. I have encountered some interesting folk in cyberspace.

That brings me to this one fellow. He emailed me for info (first-timer) and we have had quite a nice conversation via email leading up to, and after, his maiden voyage. He seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. My summation was verified by a friend from the D.C. area who was in Santo Domingo during this time. His experience was a good one and let's just say he has caught the bug! You can read his thoughts here.


Photos taken on the beaches of Brazil by Terry George.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


These are more pics from the aquarium. If you get out of the colonial zone you can see just how beautiful the city can be.

1. looking out to sea
2. the shoreline
3. the Aquarium falls
4. the city (with mountains beyond)

Monday, June 05, 2006


Let's take a look at other things to do while visiting Santo Domingo.
I've mentioned several things before, but it seems pictures say a whole lot more.

I enjoy the National Aquarium. The marine life is interesting and the surroundings are beautiful.

The Botanical Gardens were a real surprise also. Breathtaking, as an adjective, would not be an overstatement.

There are several restaurants for one to enjoy. The standards are nice, but I also like to happen upon something different. You know, something not overwhelmed by tourists.

I absolutely LOVE the beach. And there are options. I had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon in Guayacanes. I had heard about it several times; how different it is from Boca Chica, how unspoiled it is. Okay, here's the truth. This is a quaint little fishing village. It's raw. There's a hint of civilization. (ie: restaurant, luxury homes) But, for the most part the area is a simple, unpretentious, QUIET retreat. The locals are friendly enough, but it's not where you go to see le hombres parade around the beach. This is where you go for a peaceful break away from the madness.

Trust me, take your Wet-Ones and don't be ashamed to take a whiz behind a tree. I spent 10 pesos to use the "accomodations" at one of the colmados and spent the rest of my trip trying to forget the experience!

Friday, June 02, 2006


I've been reminiscing and going through pics lately and came up with an idea that I hope you'll enjoy. Fridays Fantasy Or Favorite will feature photos of a Dominican, or latin, hombre that I feel makes a good fantasy. I will also post some of my favorite men (or things) from the caribbean.

To kick off the inaugural of this new feature I find it only fitting that I showcase a fine young man of Dominican heritage. Someone who is very well-known to sports lovers and otherwise. And what a fantasy he is...FELIX SANCHEZ, number one in the eyes of many!