Tuesday, June 25, 2013

News For Travel Season

Just in time for the summer travel season comes this report from the DR.

Armed Forces Minister Sigfrido Pared Perez said yesterday, Monday 24 June, that as a result of the Citizen Security Plan, in which 3,500 members of the military are patrolling the streets as well the police, crime has been reduced by more than 50% across the whole country in the last few days.

He said that every Monday, the Armed Forces evaluate the situation to see if crime has reduced, and that they are working in places where the police are not and that although many people are criticizing their involvement, the reality was that the country could not hide from crime. He stressed however, that the military patrols were a temporary measure.

He continued by saying that if the new Organic Law for the Armed Forces were approved, promotions would depend on qualifications and the number of generals would be reduced.

The existing law dates back to 1988, and although it is good, it is a little behind the times as since then the Ministry has created new institutions and structures for education and performance. He said that there were currently more than 130 generals, and over the next six years there would be less than half that number.

Friday, June 07, 2013