Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Brewster Comes For Mejia

The United States ambassador in the country, James W Brewster, has confronted former President Hipolito Mejia over his recent comments in New York on homosexuality and gay marriage, which he described as derogatory. "I am particularly shocked and disheartened at your recent disrespect and insensitive comments about people who have a different sexual orientation than yours, because we have been together in our respective homes," he said in a letter sent to the former President. He said that the term "little queer" used by Mejia is pejorative and perpetuates bullying, discrimination against minorities and promotes abuse at all levels of society. He says that although Mejia's words were not intended as an insult, they had that effect. 

"As the former President of the Dominican Republic and a public figure, your comments reflect a negative image of your nation's dignity. Many Dominicans here and overseas are fighting for equality between everyone created by God, a struggle that I hope you appreciate and lead," he stated. Brewster said that his husband, Bob Satawake, was willing to meet with Mejia to discuss the issue. He said that the former President's arguments against gay marriage, concerning procreation, as well as discriminating against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, also insult the significant number of people who are unable to have children or who choose not to procreate.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Texan To Sing In Cuba

AUSTIN, USA -- An alignment of the stars has occurred for Austin, Texas, musician Leticia Rodriguez, as the first American ever to be invited to perform in Las Romerias de Mayo, Holguin, Cuba, from May 2 - 8. She will be performing with Cuba’s popular band, Septeto Cristal. This prestigious festival comes at a time when the US and Cuba are entering a new stage in relations. 

While this news came as a surprise to Rodriguez, the path leading to this invitation has been years in the making. Rodriguez sings the music of her aunt, Eva Garza, an international singer (1917-1966). She was an acclaimed singer in Cuba, as well as the Americas, during the 1940s - 50s.

It has been a dream of Rodriguez to bring Eva’s music back to Cuba. Eva and Leticia both share a love of Cuban music, and Rodriguez’ hit song, Saguita al Bate, will be featured in Holguin, along with other selected songs from Eva’s repertoire. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nike News

Nike has opened a new store in the colonial city. More Western influence, but will the presence of Nike be the catalyst to attract more people back into the area?

The corner of Bolivar and Abraham Lincoln avenues is the location for the new Nike Factory Store in the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic general manager Paola Martinez says the store offers the most complete selection of Nike brand merchandise in the country. She encouraged the general public to make the most of the opening sales.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dominican Fashion Week

dr1 reports:
Santo Domingo is preparing to host the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) from 27-30 April 2015 at the Autozama Showroom on Av. Winston Churchill. The event will also celebrate the 60th anniversary of Mercedes Benz car sales in the Dominican Republic. Nationally and internationally famous designers will showcase their collections, including Jenny Polanco, Hippolito Pena, Carlos Frank Then, Angie Polanco and Miguel Genao from the Dominican Republic, Hannibal Laguna from Spain, Gabriel Lage from Argentina, Stella Nolasco from Puerto Rico, and Giovanni Lopez from Colombia have been confirmed. 
The event is coordinated by Federman Cruz. Miss Dominican Republic 2008 and Second Runner-Up in Miss Universe 2008, Marianne Cruz, is the runway director.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Vacation Planning 101

Be sure to visit the Travel Info Page for helpful tips when planning your vacation to the Dominican Republic. Support the links for great deals and great experiences!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

New Club Coming?

The infamous Chachita Rubio was spotted recently checking out the club scene in Miami. She was observed spending much time with management staff at The Palace. An anonymous source, a bartender who asked not to be identified, states that Miss Rubio seemed to be negotiating with the owners regarding the naming, theme and branding of the club. Could there soon be a Palacio Santo Domingo?