Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Braulio's Black History

I find Angolan men to be quite sexy. There is a heavy Portuguese influence in this part of Africa. Many of the slaves imported to Portugal and Brazil came from the Angolan region. Braulio may prompt one to ask whether Angolan men are sexy because of the Carioca or if Brazilian men are sexy due to Angolan blood.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ramon, Repeatedly

This is an older clip of Ramon. He is someone you never get tired of seeing in Santo Domingo because he is such a charmer. See other posts HERE.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Round Two

Here we go again! Another winter storm is headed through the midwest and southeast. Brrr. I've got to get out of here and find a nice beach somewhere!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tempting T&T

If you're planning to travel to Trinidad for carnival this information may help get you into the island flavor.

Why not hire a driver for the day, about $40, to take the scenic drive from Port of Spain to Maracas Bay. On Friday afternoons in Maracas you can relax on white sand beaches, perch yourself on a $7-per-day beach chair on a lightly populated beach and drink the local Stag beer. There are several bake and shark huts that dot the beach. Vendors sell deep-fried shark meat inside a pocket of bread garnished with tamarind, mango chutney, Scotch bonnet hot sauce & others.

Spend time at MovieTowne, an entertainment center with a theater, mom-and-pop retail stores and restaurant chains such as Ruby Tuesday, Subway, Popeyes and others. The commercial area is an impressive sight to see, but make your way to the St. James area to rub shoulders with the locals. Western Main Road in St. James is a lively part of town. While there try a local roti, a flour crepe filled with seafood, meat and/or vegetables and curry sauces.

There are several admission-free open-air bars, casinos and restaurants that line Ariapita Avenue in the Woodbrook area. The nightlife there is laid-back and easygoing.

Tourist-filled Tobago, the sister island, is a 3 hour ferry ride on the T&T Spirit. The cost is $16 round trip. Pigeon Point is often called the most stunning beach in Tobago. There is a $3 entry fee with access to hut-style shops that sell beach clothes and souvenirs. Picnic huts, bars, Jet Ski rentals, bana boat and glass-bottom boat rides add to the recreation.

Trinidad has more gay options, though homosexuality is still illegal on both islands. There are bars that apparently have a mainly gay customer base. There are also monthly gay parties. Tickets are sold weeks in advance, but the location is only disclosed hours prior to the party "to avoid any trouble." The atmosphere is said to be amazing, the music is great and the drinks are free.

Forty Winks Inn is a small guesthouse with an array of fast food and fine dining options around the corner. Hilton Trinidad has 418 rooms and every amenity expected from an upscale accomodation. Sun Valley Estate is a gay-friendly villa rental with rates around $260 per night or $2,300 per week.

info provided by Ebony Travel Guide, Igougo, globalgayz and travelocity.