Monday, January 26, 2015

Juan Pablo Duarte Day

Monday, 26 January is a holiday in the Dominican Republic. It celebrates the birthday of the nation's founding father, Juan Pablo Duarte. Duarte was born in 1813 and his affluent family sent him to Europe from 1828 to 1833 for his education. On his return he made it his mission to free the eastern part of Hispaniola from Haitian domination and organized the secret society La Trinitaria to work towards this goal. The movement succeeded in 1844, but Duarte lost power and died in exile in Venezuela in 1876. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Vacation Planning 101

Be sure to visit the Travel Info Page for helpful tips when planning your vacation to the Dominican Republic. Support the links for great deals and great experiences!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Domiciliating In The Dominican

HuffPost: Buying property in DR is good value
Writing in the Huffington Post, Kathleen Peddicord of Live and Invest Overseas includes the Dominican Republic as one of the world's top five places for buying a second home in the sun. She says you can get great deals on second homes that also qualify as top retirement options for 2015. In addition to the DR, she also recommends buying in Argentina, Turkey, Spain and Colombia. 
She says that there are still finds for US$100,000 that are within walking distance from the beach and can be rented out for rental yield.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Fotos Favorite

One of my favorite photographers is Paul Culver. He captures his models in their raw beauty without a bunch of fuss. Here he lenses Jeison and Frank in the Dominican Republic. Visit his website to see more and to order some of his works.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Ready For Cuba?

If you are like many people and want to get to Cuba before commercialization takes over, you may wish to consider insightCuba. Visit their website and sign-up for email notifications. They sent me the following info.

insightCuba and many of our American guests celebrated the New Year across the island of Cuba. It was a night they will never forget. They didn't waste any time, why should you?

After 50 years of travel restrictions, a new era of travel to Cuba for Americans has begun, and there simply isn't a better time go. Cubans across the country raised their glasses to celebrate the New Year and a new beginning.  The spirit of Cuba is now even closer. Capture it for yourself.

Join us for this unprecedented chance to make history and discover Cuba on one of our acclaimed people-to-people tours, before it changes forever.

You've waited long enough. Grant yourself the greatest New Year's resolution of all!

From all of us at insightCuba, we wish you a Happy New Year!