Sunday, May 28, 2006


Well, we've come to the last segment of this little series. I hope the pictorial review of my recent trip has been entertaining.

But, we have this one last bit of photos to make this "HOT" series complete. I've shared some photos of various bars/clubs and I've posted pics of some of the buggies I've met over the years. There are many pics of HOT men I will post later, but this post is dedicated to the future buggies/trade that were mentioned.

Truly, if you tire of some of the veterans there is always a new crew waiting in the wings. We see them hanging around our favorite places. (testing the waters, I guess) Or, maybe they're waiting una mas ano to be of legal age.

You may see one around town and wonder, then see them in a photo shoot the next year.

Some of them are innocent encounters on the street that quickly become a fierce flirting exchange. Whatever the case, for those of us who visit frequently it's good to know that the beat goes on...

1. Carlos
2. Miguelangel (on left)
3. Haitian gallery in 2004
4. ice cream vendor flirts with Robby

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


As mentioned earlier, there are guys that we see time after time. Some of them are great lovers I'm sure. Many of them have great personalities. A few of them are simply great at "the game."

One thing's for sure, they keep us entertained and they definitely play a major role in some of our vacations. Let's keep it real.

I've noticed that a few faces disappear for awhile only to come back on the scene later. Some faces make sporadic appearances after being prominent fixtures on the scene. (perhaps being lucky enough to find an unlucky sponsor) Others simply disappear all together, leaving you to wonder "what ever happened to...?"

Here are pics of some of the guys I have met. Their names are being withheld. Their status in the game is varied. Perhaps you recognize some of them.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Okay, now let's take a look at Jaydees. The staff at JayDees makes awesome drinks. That's the only reason I can think of to explain the behavior of their patrons. What can I say, both tourists and locals have a great time! When you mix awesome drinks, sexy locals and great atmosphere you get one thing...HOT! You may even (as a friend put it) leave your mark on the place. LOL

1. John of jstheater ( is that a lap dance?)
2. lookin good

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Bar Friends is definitely not the cozy, neighborhood watering hole it once was, but as a re-invented night spot it's pretty cool. The music sometimes leaves a bit to be desired. However, if you're looking for cruise central, this is it! They have great wet t-shirt contests and strippers. Also, the boys often get into the action.

1. contestant
3. barhop and Nard

Friday, May 12, 2006


Okay, Okay, I know everybody is waiting on pics from my recent trip to Santo Domingo. I have some I can post at this time, but I will also post more later. In this day of modern technology it is very convenient to share pics if you have the right equipment. I don't. LOL I am waiting on a friend to scan some pics I developed while on the island and another friend has sent some pics on CD. When I get those I will give you guys a peep.

Let me say this about my trip. The guys, buggies and otherwise, are as HOT as ever. And if you've grown tired of some of them, don't worry, there is a new batch waiting in the wings.

As I don't get into taking sides, I focus my energy on having a good time while in Santo Domingo. While everyone can't be a friend, I can certainly behave as a goodwill ambassador and be on good terms with most people. Thus, a great time was had at all venues I visited.

I am impressed by the improvements being made to the various night spots and appreciate the differences of each one. It's nice to have variety, rather than a cookie-cutter model.

The second-floor show room and third-floor terrace is wonderful at Bar Friends. The second-floor "show room" at JayDees can really heat up, but the new VIP area is beautiful and a welcome addition. The Sports Bar is even getting into the remodeling spirit. David gave me a tour of the garden area and showed me where the new second-floor lounge will be. I can't wait to see the finished product on my next trip!

Let's start with the pics from the Sports Bar.

1. Aswaldo and Edwin posing
2. Micheal-the Wednesday night winner
3. Gregory-this was a new cutie

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Hola, from the exciting city of Santo Domingo!!! Have met some great people this trip. Ron from Tennessee is truly a cut-up, a southern belle who is charming and hilarious. Have also met a large contingent from the Windy City. Be careful around these gurls, they aren't afraid to let that wind blow! (inside joke, LOL)

David is doing great things at the Sports Bar. He is finalizing plans for the garden area and has also negotiated for the second level, so look forward to enjoying wonderful things at the expanded Sports Bar.

Went out to Guayacanes this week. It is indeed an interesting place. It's close to Juan Dolio, but without all the resorts and tourists. So, what you get is a raw, tranquil beach where you can chill and relax while feasting your eyes on just the locals.

The weather had been so nice. Slightly overcast and mild temperatures. Until yesterday when somebody turned up the setting to "broil". Looking forward to getting home now. Will fill you in on the juicy stuff then!!