Saturday, May 06, 2006


Hola, from the exciting city of Santo Domingo!!! Have met some great people this trip. Ron from Tennessee is truly a cut-up, a southern belle who is charming and hilarious. Have also met a large contingent from the Windy City. Be careful around these gurls, they aren't afraid to let that wind blow! (inside joke, LOL)

David is doing great things at the Sports Bar. He is finalizing plans for the garden area and has also negotiated for the second level, so look forward to enjoying wonderful things at the expanded Sports Bar.

Went out to Guayacanes this week. It is indeed an interesting place. It's close to Juan Dolio, but without all the resorts and tourists. So, what you get is a raw, tranquil beach where you can chill and relax while feasting your eyes on just the locals.

The weather had been so nice. Slightly overcast and mild temperatures. Until yesterday when somebody turned up the setting to "broil". Looking forward to getting home now. Will fill you in on the juicy stuff then!!

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Monaga said...

Ah, okay, Alan. You have been home for several days now. WHERE ARE THOSE PHOTOS?!!!!

As always, it was great seeing you. And thanks so much for the Town and Country magazine. You know me so well!