Sunday, May 28, 2006


Well, we've come to the last segment of this little series. I hope the pictorial review of my recent trip has been entertaining.

But, we have this one last bit of photos to make this "HOT" series complete. I've shared some photos of various bars/clubs and I've posted pics of some of the buggies I've met over the years. There are many pics of HOT men I will post later, but this post is dedicated to the future buggies/trade that were mentioned.

Truly, if you tire of some of the veterans there is always a new crew waiting in the wings. We see them hanging around our favorite places. (testing the waters, I guess) Or, maybe they're waiting una mas ano to be of legal age.

You may see one around town and wonder, then see them in a photo shoot the next year.

Some of them are innocent encounters on the street that quickly become a fierce flirting exchange. Whatever the case, for those of us who visit frequently it's good to know that the beat goes on...

1. Carlos
2. Miguelangel (on left)
3. Haitian gallery in 2004
4. ice cream vendor flirts with Robby


Anonymous said...

You're flirting with pedophilia here. Very disturbing....

Anonymous said...

I hope the picture of the kid you call Miguelangel is just an innocent pictue of a shoe shine kid.

That is a child who has been on the street shining shoes for quite a while. (Actually, both of them)

Please do not tell us, your readers, that you are down in DR flirting with children. Please do not tell your us your waiting on these children to become legal. I hope that's not what you are inferring.

You may want to re-think your post: Unless you wish the inference to stand. In which case you're probably flirtling with jail time.

T-D Moderator said...

Your concern is appreciated. Truly. However, you have missed the point of the post. If you indeed have seen Miguelangel, and many others for that matter, over the years shining shoes or doing whatever it is they do, then you have witnessed how some of them are prone to flirt, etc. After all, they are business men after your dollar. (and very perceptive as pertains to ones orientation) Not unlike the current buggarones. Some of THEM started out as shoe-shiners as well.

I am not a pedophile, nor am I endorsing that practice. I am simplying pointing out a fact that is based on what I've seen. Whether the future buggie is 15 or 21 he is eventually going to show his colors. Based on his previous actions.

This is a topic of conversation had frequently by Dominicans and tourists alike, what is acceptable and what isn't. Well, don't you worry. Neither myself, nor my associates, believe in lowering our standards just because we travel to a place where such a thing seems to run rampant.

And that still doesn't change the fact that some of these guys you meet on the street, or while out shopping or whatever will be buggarones the next time you see them. MY HOPE IS THAT THEY ARE OF LEGAL AGE, WITH SOUND MIND.

kbNet said...

When I read the post earlier today I was under the same impression as the other "anonymous" folks who left comments. But after reading Mr. Washington's response to the comments I must agree with him. I am Dominican-American. My father(R.I.P.) was native Dominican and I was born in the US. I have family in the Dominican Republic. I visit the country often. Most times I go with friends and stay at a hotel, because as you know the DR is a 3rd world country and I'm spoiled. Most of my family lives in the country-side and have no running water or A/C. LOL! Anyway, I spend time in Santo Domingo on El Conde with my friends. The "boogies" themselves are a trip. But the shoeshine boys are another story. Mr. Washington is correct in that most shoeshine boys become a little older and become male hustlers. It's easy money and somewhat tolerated. I've met married men with children who are hustlers because its good money for their families and their wives know about it and are not concerned so long as they are having safe sex. Poverty will make you do very desperate things in the DR. Also, it's common knowledge in the DR that once a young man becomes 18 years of age and is poor that becoming a hustler is a way to make plenty of money, fast. Unfortunately, some of the shoeshine boys start early. This is sad because obviosly they learn doing it at a young age because there are people who go to the DR to engage in such activities. The shoe shine boys are very "fresh" and hope you are one of the "Gatos" (Americans) that are into young boys. These kids are desperate and will force themselves on you if need be in hopes that you would be interested. I'm like Mr. Washington, I'm not into young kids whether it's in the US or the DR nor do I endorse it. But in the DR those shoeshine boys are very bold (sometimes becoming physical by touching you). My advice to anyone is stay away from the shoeshine boys. Don't give them money or candy. They prey on Americans. Sometimes they can be worse than the "boogies" (I'm not saying all boopgies or shoeshine boys are bad). Luckily my Spanish isn't too bad so when I'm in the city I know how to deal with them when they approach me when I'm hanging out with my friends that I'm traveling with. A personal experience happened one day on El Conde when I saw an older (19 or 20) guy who was shining shoes. I asked him how old he was as I was curious as to why would an older guy be shining shoes something normally left to the young kids. He then told me he was 15. I was suprised because he was a very old looking 15. Well unfortunately he took my inquiry as me having an interest in him. I told him I don't mess with children and I don't plan on going to jail in the DR or in the US. He then began grabbing on my private areas and pushing himself on me in public and in broad daylight. I literally had to push this kid off me. Again, I know what Mr. Washington is talking about and as I said be careful around the shoeshine boys. Some of them are nimble little thieves or will force themselves on you, but not all of them. Bottom line, be careful and use common sense not only in the DR but in any foreign country you visit.

Simbul said...

I had a similar experience like Kbnet's. I was there a few months ago, and my best friend gave 2 VERY young shoeshine bois free pesos. Major mistake! We were waiting on our beach ride, and the kids came back up to us and asked how much we were willing to pay for both of them. I swear they could only be 11 or 12. There were 4 others waiting on the bus, and they had their mouths open too. We had to testify we didn't do anything to encourage those kids the whole trip to the beach. Careful with those young ones.