Tuesday, August 30, 2016

AIDS Update

dr1 reports:
The national branch of the Family Health Society (SFH) says that since the condom distribution program carried out by Population Services International (PSI) was launched, the prevalence of HIV in the Dominican population stands at 0.8%, and the rate of new cases has dropped by 35% since 2003.

A press release stated that the program has prevented 807 deaths, 66,063 pregnancies and helped protect nearly 1.5 million couples a year.

Friday, August 19, 2016


I thought he was a sexy little go-go boy walking around the club with his shirt off and pants sagging. Turns out he was just a sexy little muchacho. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Art Tours

The Art Galleries Association (AGA) presents the start of its 2016 Galleries Circuit in Santo Domingo on Thursday, 18 August. The art gallery association offers free transport for the event on the third Thursday of each month through December so that art lovers can visit several galleries in a single night.

The event has the backing of the Ministry of Tourism and the National Hotel & Tourism Association (Asonahores). The three-hour tours start at 7:30pm.

For the occasion, the art galleries hold high-quality exhibitions that include well-known artists such as Jose Perdomo, Antonio Guadalupe, Manuel Montilla and Ramon Oviedo. Contemporary artists like Gustavo Pena, Jose Levy, Luz Severino, Miguel Ramirez and Adela Dore will also be featured and the gallery owners will be on hand to give expert explanations.

AGA president Mildred Canahuate has been organizing the event since 2009.

This year 12 art galleries are taking part:
Evaristo Morales: Galeria Bodden, Arawak Arte Contemporaneo and Guillo Perez Arte e Interiores.
Piantini: D'Guillermo and Lyle O Reitzel Gallery.
La Paz: Centro Cultural Mirador.
Gazcue: Galeria Shanell, Galeria Nacional de Bellas Artes and Museo de Arte Moderno.
Colonial City: Colegio de Artistas Plasticos, Mamey and Casa Quien.

For more information and to book a space on the bus, call 809 565-3614

Monday, August 08, 2016

Dominicans In Rio Olympics

The Dominican sports delegation to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics includes 29 athletes competing in 11 sports. The Dominican athletes are competing in: archery, athletics, boxing, cycling road, equestrian, judo, shooting, swimming, taekwondo, tennis and weightlifting.
Luguelin Santos, winner of the silver medal in the 400m dash in the London 2012 Olympics, is the flag-bearer in the opening ceremony on 5 August 2016.
Mark these dates to follow the Dominican athletes.

Judo. Wander Mateo (66kg)
Weight lifting. Luis Garcia.
Weightlifting. Beatriz Piron (48kg)
8 August:
Weightlifting. Yuderqui Contreras (48kg)
9 August:
Johnny Perez (100 freestyle swimming)
12 August:
Athletics. Luguelin Santos (400 meters)
Swimming Dorian McMenemy (50 m freestyle)
13 August:
Athletics. Yancarlos Martinez
13 August:
Boxing. Leonel de los Santos (52kg)
14 August:
Boxing. Hector Luis Garcia (56 kg)
15 August:
Athletics. Mariely Sanchez (200 meters)
Athletics. Jaunder Santos (400 meters hurdles)
16 August:
Athletics. Stanly del Carmen (200 meters)
Athletics. Yancarlos Martinez.
17 August:
Taekwondo. Luisito Pie (58 kg)
18 August:
Track and field. 4 x 100.
19 August:
Judo: Moises Hernandez (80 kg)
Track and field 4 x 400.
Athletics. Mayobanex D'Oleo (Men's 4 x 100 relay)
Athletics: Luis Enrique Charles (Men's 4 x 400 relay)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pride in Jamaica!

Pride Jamaica is the first week of August and appears to be bigger, better, bolder! It's high time to support the LGBT community in Jamaica as they struggle to break out. Hey, the influence of tourist dollars has brought many changes in other destinations.
Read about PrideJa HERE.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coral Costa Caribe Memories


Some of my best memories are of my first trip to the DR. Coral Costa Caribe Hotel in Juan Dolio is a reasonably priced all-inclusive with several dining options (all good), various bars, a disco and great nightly shows! Chocolate Friends is a catchy, energetic and fun theme song for the entertainers. The area is only about 30-40 minutes from Santo Domingo, so we took many day trips and club trips into the city.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cocks Are Big in DR

A favorite past time (other than baseball) is cock fighting. If you're curious and see a structure like this you can rest assured that cocks are on display.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Makeover in Martinique

With its first hotel in 15 years, new non-stop flights, and a surge in excellent restaurants, Martinique's capital, Fort-de-France, is about to become a thing.

From an approaching boat Fort-de-France is clearly framed between history and modernity. On one end is the 17th century Fort St-Louis, the oldest building in town and one of the Caribbean's best preserved forts. An active military base, it houses 200 members of the French navy. On the other is Pointe Simon, a gleaming business district. It's a visible sign of the changes that have come to the island, which also include a modernized sea-front, restaurants from young entrepreneurs, and electric cabs you can hail for exploring the city.

There's news on the hotel front, too: surrounded by multi-colored houses, the renovated Fort Savane is a minimalist boutique property with black and white touches. The first hotel to be built in the city in 15 years, the 94-room Simon Hotel recently opened.

Yann Chalono has re-created the Brazilian atmosphere and tastes of his youth at Favela (7 Rue de la Liberation; 596-596-79-41-72; entrees $14-$28) There's ambitious mixology going on as well and sorbets made with local fruits at Le Cloud (Rue Ernest Hemingway; 596-696-27-56-73) an industrial-looking rooftop bar. And the best gelato in the area is at Coco Bello (Village Creole).

There is no real gay nightlife to speak of, but there is a gay scene for those with insider info. If you get friendly with someone on grindr or if you happen to meet someone discreetly at any number of the mainstream bars, you may get invited to a private garden party or rave. If you don't, no worries. We are talking about Martinique, a French governed destination, which means homosexuality has been legal for generations, even though many attitudes can still be conservative. Gay marriage has been legal on the island since 2013, so if you're considering a fabulous destination wedding...

Martinique does have gay-owned and friendly accommodations. Check out Purpleroofs.com. There is a beach frequented by gay residents and travelers in Les Salines. You can also get information about gay culture on the island through their only LGBT agency JM Concept

Resources for this post are Travel & Leisure magazine as well as globalgayz.com. This Youtube clip is quite informative about Martinique, its culture and emergence as an upcoming Caribbean hotspot!

Thursday, June 30, 2016