Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Exhibit in New York

NY Times:
'Caribbean:Crossroads of the World' spans 3 museums. In size, cultural scope and freshness of material, the three-museum exhibition is the big art event of the summer season in New York, itself one of the largest "caribbean" cities.

The exhibit requires traveling between the Studio Museum in Harlem and El Museo del Barrio, and across the East River to the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing. Any single segment is dense and vivid enough to give you the flavor of the whole. But if you can see all three, absolutely do.

While not strictly speaking a masterpiece show, its like won't be attempted again on this scale and in this depth for some time.

Is there a caribbean culture? Are Florida and Columbia as much part of it as Cuba? And even if the caribbean is defined as a state of mind, a mood, how do you capture that in an exhibition, when so much of that mood has traditionally been expressed in music and performances.

The historical picture starts at the Studio Museum, 18th century. The exhibit moves through different eras and influences as you change venues.

Thepiece above represents the skin bleaching phenomenon which has become prevelant in Jamaican dance hall music.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Las Olimpiadas

The Olympic Games begin today. Usain Bolt, one of my favorite athletes is expected to make another great showing in track and field. Let's hope so!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Caribbean Music Festival

Deputy Minister of Tourism Fausto Fernandez and Adalberto Rodriguez and Pamela Ortiz from Brugal and company have signed an agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the Brugal company to hold the first Dominican Festival of Caribbean Music on August 4th and 5th at Plaza Juan Baron on the Malecon seafront boulevard in the capital.

Shows on those dates will start at 8pm and finish at 2am.

Adalberto Rodriguez said that the event would appeal to Dominicans and foreigners alike and would include performers of merengue, bachata, salsa, regional Caribbean music, reggaetton, reggae and urban music.

The deputy minister of Tourism said that the Ministry wished to make this an annual event, not only to entertain Dominicans, but they would also encourage tourists to attend via their tour operators.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Samana Province

Samana is the capitol of Samana Province, located on the northern coast of Samana Bay. It boasts coconut-covered mountains that march down to the sea, coral reefs and white sandy beaches. Nature lovers will enjoy the playful waterfalls, Dominican parrots, spiny lobster and much more.

Christopher Columbus described it as "the fairest land on the face of the earth." This part of the island is probably the last underdeveloped coastal area in the country, revealing the true magic of the tropical caribbean.

There are some big all-inclusive resorts along the peninsula, but the small mom & pop operations give the area much of its unique, international flavor and charm. Nightly rates run from about $10 US in smaller hotels and guesthouses located away from the beaches to over $130 US in some of the areas nicest, oceanfront accomodations. Breakfast is often included even with the small hotels.

There are many boutiques & shops in Samana and the Las Terrenas area. Art is available in galleries or from roadside vendors.

Interests for the area are the beautiful falls of El Limon, whale watching, Cayo Levantado and mountain excursions including Zipline Samana.

Of note: credit cards are not as readily accepted in the area. Bring cash, travelers checks or use your ATM card at one of the local banks.

Though there is no real gay nightlife in the province, attitudes appear to be more accepting in Las Terrenas. The locals are quite gay-friendly. Discretion will get you most things you're looking for and the motoconcho (motorbike taxis) drivers are eager to assist you.

There are new and improved airports in the region or you may take the new 2-hour route on the bus from Santo Domingo for about $10 US. JetBlue will begin servicing Samana November 14th and you may make reservations online now..

Sources: Travel Info Page, Samana Online, GoSamana

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fantasia de Deporte

Latin America has many players in professional baseball, particularly from the Dominican Republic. As we gear up for the All-Star break I wanted to share one of my favorite sports fantasies with you!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Jamaican Beauty

Scorpion is just one of the handsome models to be found at JamdownProductions! Click the photo to discover more!