Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Exhibit in New York

NY Times:
'Caribbean:Crossroads of the World' spans 3 museums. In size, cultural scope and freshness of material, the three-museum exhibition is the big art event of the summer season in New York, itself one of the largest "caribbean" cities.

The exhibit requires traveling between the Studio Museum in Harlem and El Museo del Barrio, and across the East River to the Queens Museum of Art in Flushing. Any single segment is dense and vivid enough to give you the flavor of the whole. But if you can see all three, absolutely do.

While not strictly speaking a masterpiece show, its like won't be attempted again on this scale and in this depth for some time.

Is there a caribbean culture? Are Florida and Columbia as much part of it as Cuba? And even if the caribbean is defined as a state of mind, a mood, how do you capture that in an exhibition, when so much of that mood has traditionally been expressed in music and performances.

The historical picture starts at the Studio Museum, 18th century. The exhibit moves through different eras and influences as you change venues.

Thepiece above represents the skin bleaching phenomenon which has become prevelant in Jamaican dance hall music.

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