Monday, July 23, 2012

Caribbean Music Festival

Deputy Minister of Tourism Fausto Fernandez and Adalberto Rodriguez and Pamela Ortiz from Brugal and company have signed an agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the Brugal company to hold the first Dominican Festival of Caribbean Music on August 4th and 5th at Plaza Juan Baron on the Malecon seafront boulevard in the capital.

Shows on those dates will start at 8pm and finish at 2am.

Adalberto Rodriguez said that the event would appeal to Dominicans and foreigners alike and would include performers of merengue, bachata, salsa, regional Caribbean music, reggaetton, reggae and urban music.

The deputy minister of Tourism said that the Ministry wished to make this an annual event, not only to entertain Dominicans, but they would also encourage tourists to attend via their tour operators.

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