Monday, November 27, 2006


If you've tried to contact Julius regarding an airport pick-up or if you've simply missed seeing him at the usual haunts in Santo Domingo, don't worry he's doing just fine. Life as a former Broadway diva living in Santo Domingo while maintaining dual citizenship isn't all glamour! Sometimes one must take care of business. But, rest assured, he will be back in the Dominican Republic granting audience to his loyal following. And if you're lucky, you may get some of his southern fried chicken!

He did take time out in October for a weekend get-away. We met in Dallas to spend time with mutual friends. We had a wonderful lunch at Pappadeaux's, a cajun and seafood restaurant. This photo was taken in the courtyard. Yes, it was a bit brisk that afternoon.

Friday, November 24, 2006


It's about time to mention Angelo. He is one of my favorite familiars in Santo Domingo. He is a true gentleman with an unassuming attitude. This guy has a bright smile, a great personality and a very nice physique, obviously.

Angelo is a pleasure to hang out with for a night on the town. He loves to dance, but you don't have to practice your merengue or salsa for him. He prefers freestyle dancing and House music. If we could just work on his english he'd fit right into any bar in New York or London.

He's a true macho man, no pretense. Plays basketball, very well, and has no interest in local DRama. One of my most favorite things about Angelo is his walk. I often fall behind a bit just to watch his sexy stroll.

Monday, November 20, 2006


22-year old Santo Domingo-born Hanley Ramirez of the Florida Marlins has won the Rookie Of The Year award for the National League. Ramirez becomes the sixth Dominican player to win the prestigious award.

Also in the MLB, Dominican-born Manny Acta has been appointed as manager of the Washington Nationals. Acta led the Dominican Republic to victory in the 2003 Caribbean Baseball Series. He's the fourth Dominican to be appointed to a managerial position in the Major Leagues.

Tourists visiting the Dominican Republic through January have the opportunity to attend Dominican style baseball games, with all the enthusiasm of the local crowds! In Santo Domingo games are played at the 25,000 seat Quisqueya Ball Park. Check here for game times.

BREAKING NEWS: Today Alfonso Soriano, from San Pedro De Macoris in the Dominican Republic, has signed an eight year contract worth U.S. $136 million dollars. That makes him a billionaire in Dominican pesos!

Soriano is now an outfielder with the Chicago Cubs and will surely be a great replacement for Sammy Sosa in the hearts of Cubs fans.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Here's to the darker hombre: moreno, midnight, blue-black. Latinos are like a box of chocolates. They come in various shades. Add that urban swagger and you've got todays Fantasy.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Many people are familiar with this Cuban dream. Alex Castro is a model/stripper who has been in several layouts and calendars. He's also appeared on the Ricki Lake Show, Christina and others. At over 6 feet tall and with a smile that would melt the polar ice caps, this guy definitely deserves a spot here!

Este fantasia para Viernes esta Alex Castro de Cuba.

Friday, November 03, 2006


On a recent trip to Sao Paulo I met a gracious young Brazilian executive that shared the company suite with myself and two others during a week-long shareholders meeting. We were drawn to one another from the start and spent most of our evenings together exploring Sao Paulo and each other.

I was to leave for home on Saturday afternoon so Iran planned to surprise me with "breakfast" in bed that morning. But alas, the company had changed my flight due to a crisis in the Madrid office. They had arranged for a cab to pick me up at dawn.

When Iran snuck into my room and discovered I had gone he was quite grieved, fighting to hold back the tears. Imagine both our surprise and delight when the company transfered me to the Sao Paulo office six months later!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I received an email from the bloggers at concerning a fund-raising campaign they are doing throughout the month of November. The campaign is raising monies for The Global Fund, helping people fighting with AIDS in Africa.

Now I'm sure you have given to various charitable causes, for which I applaud you. However, if we are TRULY going to make a difference in stopping the spread of this dreaded disease and helping the people that are most in need, then we should rally behind our brethren on the Mother Continent. Lest we forget, Africa is the major contributor of the ancestors for the little darlings we travel throughout the caribbean to see today. And, as was mentioned in the recent post, this is really a global concern. We can't rid ourself of something that continues to ravage under-developed nations.

To find out more, or to help, click the banner below. Any contribution is appreciated!

chasquear le bandera a ayudar Africa!