Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I received an email from the bloggers at concerning a fund-raising campaign they are doing throughout the month of November. The campaign is raising monies for The Global Fund, helping people fighting with AIDS in Africa.

Now I'm sure you have given to various charitable causes, for which I applaud you. However, if we are TRULY going to make a difference in stopping the spread of this dreaded disease and helping the people that are most in need, then we should rally behind our brethren on the Mother Continent. Lest we forget, Africa is the major contributor of the ancestors for the little darlings we travel throughout the caribbean to see today. And, as was mentioned in the recent post, this is really a global concern. We can't rid ourself of something that continues to ravage under-developed nations.

To find out more, or to help, click the banner below. Any contribution is appreciated!

chasquear le bandera a ayudar Africa!

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