Friday, November 03, 2006


On a recent trip to Sao Paulo I met a gracious young Brazilian executive that shared the company suite with myself and two others during a week-long shareholders meeting. We were drawn to one another from the start and spent most of our evenings together exploring Sao Paulo and each other.

I was to leave for home on Saturday afternoon so Iran planned to surprise me with "breakfast" in bed that morning. But alas, the company had changed my flight due to a crisis in the Madrid office. They had arranged for a cab to pick me up at dawn.

When Iran snuck into my room and discovered I had gone he was quite grieved, fighting to hold back the tears. Imagine both our surprise and delight when the company transfered me to the Sao Paulo office six months later!


Anonymous said...

sorry to bust your bubble but that's not is dick.

He's stuffed for the camera's. Nice try though.

That Dude Right There said...

Even if it wasn't his dick, it made my eyes bug for a minute.


you are a liar, because he is straight, the fact you want to fuck with him does'nt make it will happen.
come on don't insult my intelligence

T-D Moderator said...

Miguel, and any others who do not READ well, please observe the context of the post you are responding to. The title is Friday FANTASY. Please remember that is all it is before you make such ugly comments. It really makes you look rather silly!