Friday, May 12, 2006


Okay, Okay, I know everybody is waiting on pics from my recent trip to Santo Domingo. I have some I can post at this time, but I will also post more later. In this day of modern technology it is very convenient to share pics if you have the right equipment. I don't. LOL I am waiting on a friend to scan some pics I developed while on the island and another friend has sent some pics on CD. When I get those I will give you guys a peep.

Let me say this about my trip. The guys, buggies and otherwise, are as HOT as ever. And if you've grown tired of some of them, don't worry, there is a new batch waiting in the wings.

As I don't get into taking sides, I focus my energy on having a good time while in Santo Domingo. While everyone can't be a friend, I can certainly behave as a goodwill ambassador and be on good terms with most people. Thus, a great time was had at all venues I visited.

I am impressed by the improvements being made to the various night spots and appreciate the differences of each one. It's nice to have variety, rather than a cookie-cutter model.

The second-floor show room and third-floor terrace is wonderful at Bar Friends. The second-floor "show room" at JayDees can really heat up, but the new VIP area is beautiful and a welcome addition. The Sports Bar is even getting into the remodeling spirit. David gave me a tour of the garden area and showed me where the new second-floor lounge will be. I can't wait to see the finished product on my next trip!

Let's start with the pics from the Sports Bar.

1. Aswaldo and Edwin posing
2. Micheal-the Wednesday night winner
3. Gregory-this was a new cutie

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TSB-SDQ Newsletter said...

Dear Alan, it was a real pleasure to see you again and we enjoyed having you visit The Sports Bar. I especially enjoyed our time at lunch on Sunday. You are a true gentlemen, thank you for your kind words about our little poolhall. You are right, we do have lots of things planned and we can't wait for you to return to enjoy the fun and games. See you at the poolhall......
David Lee