Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As mentioned in the CITY TOUR post, there are some great little places to dine in Santo Domingo. Of course, we all know about Pacos on the Conde. It has a casual feel, simple menu and Micki is by far one of the best waitresses in the city. And it goes without saying that Pacos is "cruise central."

Just off the Conde, across from Independence Park, is Dumbo's. It has a deli-type atmosphere and good service. It's also open 24 hours, but you'd better take your parka because they give you air-conditioning!

If you've ever been to, or passed by, Hotel Duque de Wellington then you've probably noticed one of my favorite places, Cafe Villar. You could order from a menu, but the buffet suits me just fine. They recently put glass on the Independence Avenue side, but the windows slide open which allows you to still have that open-air feel. I won't even mention the wait staff and servers! Okay, just one word....Gorgeous!

I was taken to a different buffet on my last trip. Man, it was beautiful!! El Conuco Restaurant has a carriage out front with all sorts of flowers. The interior is quite decorative also. Talk about "seleciones" on the buffet!! This place even has entertainment, including a lady that dances on a bottle!!! The price point is a bit higher, US $11-20, but well worth it. The address is Calle Casimiro de Moya #152 in the Gazcue area.

The American Restaurant in the colonial zone is pricier also, but has outstanding seafood. My friend had a steak that he's still raving about after TWO years!

I wouldn't dare overlook the experience of dining waterfront, at dusk, at any of the awesome places on the pavilion adjacent to Alcazar de Colon.

1. Micki at Pacos
2. outside El Conuco Restaurant


Simbul said...

Thank Gawd!!! I have been trying to remember the name of the buffet restaurant so I could give it to my friends that were visiting. Thank Mr. Washington and hope to see you there when our vacations coincide. I love that buffet restaurant!!!!

Anonymous said...

Miss Micki is indeed a fine waitress! She is all smiles as she tends to her clients. Leave her a large tip next time she serves your table.