Monday, June 05, 2006


Let's take a look at other things to do while visiting Santo Domingo.
I've mentioned several things before, but it seems pictures say a whole lot more.

I enjoy the National Aquarium. The marine life is interesting and the surroundings are beautiful.

The Botanical Gardens were a real surprise also. Breathtaking, as an adjective, would not be an overstatement.

There are several restaurants for one to enjoy. The standards are nice, but I also like to happen upon something different. You know, something not overwhelmed by tourists.

I absolutely LOVE the beach. And there are options. I had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon in Guayacanes. I had heard about it several times; how different it is from Boca Chica, how unspoiled it is. Okay, here's the truth. This is a quaint little fishing village. It's raw. There's a hint of civilization. (ie: restaurant, luxury homes) But, for the most part the area is a simple, unpretentious, QUIET retreat. The locals are friendly enough, but it's not where you go to see le hombres parade around the beach. This is where you go for a peaceful break away from the madness.

Trust me, take your Wet-Ones and don't be ashamed to take a whiz behind a tree. I spent 10 pesos to use the "accomodations" at one of the colmados and spent the rest of my trip trying to forget the experience!

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