Monday, January 07, 2013

Not All Bad

While I discover why I'm not able to upload pics or video I will post this nice story from dr1.

An enterprising young man has set up his informal food stand at the corner of Beller and Cuba streets in Santiago. He sells freshly boiled corn on the cob from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday he sells at other places around town. What makes this different is that the seller is dressed somewhat like a doctor and his equipment sparkles with cleanliness. Masked, gloved and aproned, young Miguel Vargas told El Caribe reporters that this gives his business a better image and has contributed to his growing list of customers. Businesses in the area send their messengers with orders for his corn and he delivers, leaving his modest equipment in the care of a friend. He urges young people to get out and work, saying "A hundred pesos well earned is worth a lot more than a thousand that were stolen." With his business, Vargas takes care of his two sons aged 12 and 16.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great story with a wonderful message. Now if 99% of young Dominicans could adapt to this...