Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wednesday Pic

Update to the story reported on Monaga.
dr1 reports that the 20 year old rapper Jean Luis Valdez Flores indeed has confessed to the murder and has been arrested. He states that he had agreed to have sex with tv personality Miky Breton, 49, for RD $5000. He was to play the role of "the man." However, when the subject of switching roles came up he did not want to do it. A fight broke out and he initially hit the victim knocking him unconscious. He decided to kill the tv personality with a knife he had in his bag after concluding the police nor anyone else would believe his side of the story.
As speculated the gay panic angle, or close to it, is playing out. It will be interesting to see how this turns out since 1) he confessed to agreeing to have sex for money 2) he killed the only witness who could contradict his version of what happened.


Langston Baldwin said...

Role of the man- priceless!

T-D Moderator said...

dr1 reports that Valdez has been sent to prison for one year preventive custody. What's that about? Can anyone shed light on the Dominican jail system?

Sounds like time to allow people to forget about the crime and make it easier to let him out. Afterall he is an up and coming celebrity himself. He actually told fans, as he was escorted away, to watch for his new album that should drop next year!!

Anonymous said...

Dominican Justice System 101

If you kill someone you get 1 or 2 years of Prison BUT if they found you with drugs 10 - 20 Years!!! Go figure!!

TY said...

The outcome will be interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly the fact that prostitution is legal in DR and secondly many men "do it" to hear them tell it, for the money. Finally if he has enough clout to pay the right people to sweep it under the right rugs. It is a disturbing trend none the less given how they found Jack a few months ago and now this!