Friday, November 06, 2009

Final Scene

It was not his intent to be caught up in this media storm, the glamorous life as they call it. We were perfectly content working in the office and climbing the corporate ladder. We were both quite successful by anyones standards. We have a luxury penthouse in Sao Paulo, a vacation bungalow in Curacao, expense accounts, investments. We're doing well.
All seemed innocent enough when he agreed to be photographed by the top erotic magazine in Brazil. It was tastefully done and very little genitalia showing. (No small fete for someone like Iran) But his spread proved to be immensely popular and was called back again, then again. Before we knew it he had done work for several media outlets and had done erotic video as well, solo of course.
Our time together began to dwindle as he tried to maintain his corporate job and handle being a semi-celebrity as well. The problem started when one of the photographers began showing up at our job. He wanted to take Iran to lunch for doing such a great job. He wanted to take Iran to soccer for helping him win an award. He took Iran to Rio for a weekend to promote a new calendar project.
After that weekend Iran behaved strangely. He finally told the photographer had much more than taking pictures on his mind. Turns out he was obsessed with Iran. We have since had to call police numerous times, change our phone numbers and limit our time outside of home.
To make a long story short, he confronted me one day when he came to my office unannounced. Things got pretty loud. By the time the cops came we were literally clutching each others throats as I attempted to avoid the knife he had produced from his camera bag. Iran agreed to retire from modeling and we are currently weighing options to relocate and begin our own design firm. So, this is the last of Iran as most of the world knows him. It's time we focus on one another and become the center of each others universe. The way it used to be.


Anonymous said...

are you saying there will be no more of this fine man?

Anonymous said...

Damn this man is HOT!! I have enjoyed the entire series of him.