Monday, October 19, 2009

Gay Baiting???

I'll try not to get on my soap box with this one, but the subject seems to keep coming up. Even the great and powerful Oz (the cardinal in Santo Domingo) has refered to it in some of his dialogue. I can not resist saying "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Is there such a thing as gay baiting? I mean, do people lay in wait while they have cast their lure in hopes of catching someone they can "transform?" Or maybe I've missed seeing the gays as they flutter about sprinkling fairy dust over unsuspecting targets of their desire.

I know that sounds foolish. But the whole theory of gay baiting sounds foolish to ME. It has always been my observation and experience that someone can't change who you are. They may say or do something to cause you to reflect or to think, but ultimately you are who you are.

I've known VERY heterosexual guys who are comfortable with themselves and not threatened when in the company of gays. I have also known some guys who "doth protest too much" when in the presence of a gay or when discussing sexuality. Often that person has been hiding their own desire, or excapades.

The cardinal mentions the gay travelers coming to the island and spreading their ideas and ideals, corrupting the minds and fabric of Dominican society. Hah! If refering to the obvious cruising going on in and around the colonial zone I must reiterate a previous point. You are what you are.

Yes, I have heard that many buggies say they only do it for the money. My response? LUDACRIS! There are just as many heterosexual travelers of the female persuasion that are looking to enjoy the company of a hot latin man. And there are many heterosexual buggies who are helping to satisfy those women. there is even a film about it called Hanky Spanky.

I know that a blind pinga only feels pleasure. Meaning that ones identity mostly involves ones mind. So how do you explain all these men, buggies or not, that say they are straight but have sex with other men. They are at the very least bisexual. But that is yet another story.

I find it hard to believe or to subscribe to the belief that there is any such thing as gay baiting. And as for the clergy, keep a close eye on them. Is there a strong wind or something else rustling those robes as the altar boys walk by?


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Is the term "gay baiting" of your own creation? I can not find it in any dictionary or other source.

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No, the term is commonly used.