Monday, December 28, 2009

Sex And More Sex

The DR Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS is launching a training program for 150 former sex workers and 52 transsexuals. The trainees (and trannies) will attend courses in the areas of beauty, bakery, nail design, hair, cooking, hotel room management, interior design and other vocations. The program seeks to provide the workers with alternative job skills.

Also, Diario Libre is reporting that 72% of inmates in the nations jails say they have a sex life behind bars. Prisoners in La Victoria jail have the highest percentage, with 82% of inmates saying they are sexually active. Other jails have between 55% and 67% of inmates reporting to be active. Of those interviewed only 12% said they have sex for cash. 10% said they have multiple partners. 82% of those having sex say they do use condoms.

I find this very interesting indeed. I don't believe the US would ever take such a survey and would certainly not provide condoms for inmates who supposedly are not having sex in jail anyway. Perhaps that is why HIV/AIDS infections is rising is US jails and prisons. I think we should take a lesson from these fine folks in the DR. Admit that it is happening and provide the prisoners with proper precautions. And hey, how about those hombres having good sex just for sex, not for money. Now don't you all try to get into the penal system next time you travel to Santo Domingo. I hear the conditions there are horrible!

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