Tuesday, December 01, 2009

21st World AIDS Day

Let us all take a moment to celebrate and remember the lives of those we have lost to AIDS. Let us also vow to rally our support to find a cure and assist those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Secretary General of the caribbean community makes his speech. The message is posted at South Florida Caribbean News.

The Atlantic has an article entitled How AIDS Became A Caribbean Crisis. It tells of how homophobia has intensified the epidemic in Jamaica.

PANCAP, which is the Pancaribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS tracks progress in educational services and the reduction of new cases.

Every year in the DR 1,200 children are born to mothers with HIV, 11% of those children are born with the virus. Listen Diario reports that 1,300 children are currently living with HIV in the DR. There is progress in the DR with 9 counseling centers and 12 integrated care centers being recently inaugurated.

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