Friday, November 02, 2007


It has been a year since Iran and I first met. Time moves quickly when you're having fun! The two of us have been behaving like high school sweethearts, staring at each other, saying silly things and we can not keep our hands off each other.

Working in the same office has been a challenge. I make no secret of my sexuality and it is accepted. I mean, hey, we are in Brasil! The problem is not that he hasn't disclosed his sexuality to our peers, but the company policy forbids fraternizing between co-workers. So, the temptation to steal a kiss at the watercooler or to hold hands at the conference table can be grueling.

However, we both love our careers. After all, we met on the job. This is why we decided to take some time off for our anniversary and celebrate at the hotel where we met. We were fortunate enough to get the same suite we had shared during last years shareholders meeting!

We have spent the week "trying new things" as we conquer self-imposed boundaries in and out of the bedroom. This has had some effect on us physically. Iran has been heading to the spa room to stretch and relax after some of our late night trists...

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Anonymous said...

Yo..dont we all look like this
in the morning before we pee....