Monday, November 05, 2007


This is the final post of the planned series on Jorges Gang. It has been said that his site is amateurish. TRUE. But that is the intent. He does not use polished Playgirl models, he prefers to use guys you may meet on the street. No pretense. It is not for everyone, but many do enjoy what he offers.

I chose to feature the re-launch of the site to coincide with the "Feel The Heat" event in Boca Chica. I want the readers to be aware that several young men in that area have been working with a few crooked cops to set up tourists for the purpose of extorting money from them. Always use good judgement and always ask to see an ID. With so many people in town for this weekends activities it may be best to use the referal system.

To close out the series, here is what Jorge sent me...
My site is set up like a steak house. The menu is everything from appetizers to dessert,which i call azucar moreno. My "wild game" section is my personal favorite, because i like street meat.

There is also the "takeout menu" at the bottom of the members section that has the clips I did not want to throw away, but were not up to the main menu.

The forum is for people to contact JorgesGang models and each other. Also,you can upload small video files and photos of people 18yrs. and older.

I will be here for the Feel The Heat event in Boca Chica. If you need a tour or anything I'm sure my guys can help. Contact me at



Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying I 've always, and will continue to enjoy your blog. It is both informative and entertaining... So it pains me that you encourage and promote such an exploitive site like this. I love DR and all things Dominican, but PLEASE!! Keep up the good, and I guess the bad and ugly too. Differnt strokes. A supporter

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