Friday, November 30, 2007


Not the desired outcome, but one of my favorite experiences nonetheless. Though I'm older, bolder and wiser, you sometimes wonder what could have been.
Somewhere in the Virgin Islands...

I went out last night.
I wasn't looking for romance, but I danced with the love of my life.

I saw him across the room looking over the crowd.
He didn't seem to be searching for anything particular.
I admired the way he stood there, inconspicuously, not parading like a peacock as the others did. And without my knowledge, he peered through the crowd at me.

I was too shy to ask him to dance, or to even ask his name.
It became evident that this stranger desired to do the same.
He introduced himself to me and from that moment my mind was a whirlwind of thoughts.

I knew somehow that the song playing was the last for the night.
I was thinking of how to ask him when our hands joined and we stepped onto the dancefloor. I collected my thoughts as I gazed into his eyes, he was everything I had hoped he would be.

I realized this was the man of my dreams as he held me in his arms. I was in a trance, only the pulse of the music kept my body in motion.
I not only looked at him, but looked within him. I concluded that his personality was golden and I wanted to know the depth of his character. And I knew I didn't want this dance to end.

I felt unusually comfortable with him, as if this dance were a conversation that had lasted an eternity. I wanted to tell him everything about myself. I wanted us to share the world together.

He whispered my name, it was like thunder, and I realized that all I had experienced within those few minutes was fantasy. I knew then that all I had with my stranger was this dance.
I yearned to be closer, to hold him forever, to tell him what I was thinking. But the song that was playing came to an end.

I went out last night.
I wasn't looking for romance, but I danced with the love of my life.

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