Wednesday, October 31, 2007



EL GUYABO said...
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jorge samuel said...

the files are very big and your connection is not dsl or cable. if you let the video download,you can play it back and it will work fine.

if you want poor quality video when you go full screen you can have smaller files and faster downloads.each video is 3 to 7 mins,which gives you time to lay back and stroke.

we like full screen and you can save all the videos to your cpu and play them back to back with no problem anytime you like.

Alex said...

Mr Samuel, if these guys are really straight, do you think they Really want to have gay sex with you? - Stop Exploiting Them!

Anonymous said...

I purchased a membership from Jorgesgang and the videos would not down load. I was very disappointed. Give me my money back!

looking for a free trial.... said...

Can I get a free trial of your website? I saw it, but after reading some of these negative comments, I am not sure I want join at this time. Give me a free 24 hour trial and if I like it I will join and pay the monthly subscription. What do you think?

ya boi from ATL said...

i read the other posters comments and i agree that those young boyz are taken advantage of. they dont wanna be doin that stuff at all

T-D Moderator said...

Again, please do not bash others here in the comments section. If you do not like what is being presented then you have a mouse to click onto another site.

I don't know what type of system is being used by some of you, but I never had a problem with the videos on They always downloaded quickly for me. And compared to other sites, the clips are much longer AND they can be downloaded to view whenever you want.

And yes I paid for the membership, just as I have done with other sites that use dominican/latin models. Posting pics here, or recommending sites, has gotten me no special benefits! So it profits me nothing to share information with my readers.

el guayabo ( said...

Since my first post I must say i was able to view the downloads using another media player. There are .MPG files which are standard quality and also WMV files with good quality. Many nice hi resolution pics.
It's true somes guys seems to do it only for the money but others, very cute and very hot, are sexual bombs.

Site is not very fast and you will need time to see all what they sell. (and yes i have a fast connection 20 mbits/s DSL)

so at the end, i enjoyed my trial.

j.samuel said...

Mr.el guyabo

thank you for writing a honest review.the mpeg video were the first to go on the site. thay are a bit slower to download.

all of the new clips are in wmv and will be in the future.i hope you registered for the message board. you can talk to the other people who join and speak to the jorges gang models as well.

did not mean to insult your connection

j.samuel - IM

hank said...

hay jorge samuel
i love your site.its not everyday the webmaster is in the need to loose a little weight,but you are sexy. hope to meet you one day.keep on going and dont listen to the negitive comments.i joined your form and have contacted one of your men. thay are very nice and for a change, not out to screw me in a bad way. good luck,GREAT ORIGINAL site!

hank in washington D.C

Anonymous said...

While I like my porn as well as the next man, these videos are of EXTREMELY YOUNG LOOKING BOYS. If not outright underage.

Given the frequent kiddie porn internet busts, i have to wonder how long before they bust your ass?

yoruosu12 said...

Hi there!

I just stumbled upon your blog recently. I like the stuff that you put in it.

I live in Dominican Republic right now and would like to make my own niche here. And I try to interject some things about them here and there in my blog.

I want to put you in my bloglist, if you don't mind. I wanna be updated on your blogpost.

Here's mine if you want to ex-links:

Muchissima Gracias!

charles said...

hay jorge

love the site. the venezuela men are my got it going on man.

keep your head up and keep pumping out the goods.i joined the fourm and have had a ball?

3 friends signed up and told some more who are siging up. everybody is waiting for the weekly updates.

New mexico

alex said...

me gusta tu pagina muchisimo,y conosco muchas personas en tu pagina.todos ellos son mayores.yo pienso que son persona que estan celosa de tu pagina,disfruto tu pagina y es muy muy muy excelente y real

muy buenas suerte
alex .santo domingo

Anonymous said...


The movies does download - give it time.

METHINKS some of your visitors are jealous. You should bann them.

TARTAZA said...

Beautiful guys on this site for sure. But what is a shame is that these young guys are requested to perform bareback. They fuck, they get fucked without condom, and they swallow cum !!! for sure they are not aware of the danger... as many guys in the DR.
That's so disrespectful!!!
so yes, it's a shame !

morris said...


great site. i fixed my problem with my media player. cant wait to see more of your hot men.i see your site is approved by,which watches for under age models and links to under aged have none,so dont listen to the queens who wish thay were you. YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!!!

morris usa

Moreno from El Conde said...

lots of comments deleted by the moderator. I just started reading this blog and like what i see, but i did link over to the jorgesgang site and was disappointed that the guys are being taken advantage of. I live in the DR and know for a fact that these guys are only paid 1000 - 2000 peso (between $30 and $60 dollars) - Really bad to see them exploited by jorgesgang

Jose Pezullo (from Miami) said...

Hey Jorge - met up with 2 of your models while I was in the Dominican Republic. Wished I had a telephone number to call you and tell you what they said about you. What I can tell you and others who are reading this post is that they did not have anything good to say about you.

Seems that the comments that others are saying about you are your website and your tatics are mostly true.

It is a shame that you do what you do for a few bucks in your pocket. Think about what you have left behind in those young developing men. It is a real shame.

If you would share your contact telephone number with me, I would be glad to share exactly what 3 of your "so called models" has to say... here is a hint: Their faces are shown on THIS blog.

The Truth Hurts from Chicago said...
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T-D Moderator said...

I am not so much biased as I am about respect. If you learn to read and not just look at the pictures you will see that I have asked commenters not to bash or to be disrespectful with your comments.

You put the word "truth" in your name, but you evidently don't know the whole truth. Jorge is not a tourist, he lives in the Dominican Republic. He knows what the Dominicans pay for services and I'm sure he expects to pay the same fee as a resident.

However, from what I've seen, he pays more than what is fair and he even continues to give assistance to many of his models, including providing shelter, buying groceries for the family, etc.

So, until you know the full story you should not make statements based on assumptions or behaviors exhibited by other site owners.

Anonymous said...
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Enquiring Minds What to Know said...

more evidence of someone exploiting domincan's

Pepper said...

Friends, there is a video documentary floating around on YouTube about people going to the Dominican Republic to put these young men in the sex video trade.

Lots and lots of chatter about jorgesgang.

It was just a matter of time before the Crap hit the fan.

I predict the downfall of Jorge