Wednesday, October 17, 2007


There are some changes that have been positive. The educational system is one of them. Families used to have to pay for their children to go to school. Recent changes have eliminated most of those fees, but many children still cannot afford the uniforms, books, etc. But at least it is a step in the right direction. I also appreciate the artwork that is displayed at Independence Park. It is changed periodically and allows viewers to learn about culture and artists from different countries. The current display is of works at the Louvre in Paris, France. It was refreshing to see students with their pads and pens taking notes about the works of art.

Another change, which was inevitable, is the amount of new condominiums and apartments going up. Many of these are on the Malecon, but there are others springing up throughout the city. Whereas many of these have modern architecture, I would like to see more of them reflect the classic deco style of some of the older buildings. In any case, this gives investors, retirees and those Dominicans who can afford them, some variety when choosing a new place.

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