Monday, July 10, 2006

PORQUE PAPI? reports that a recent study reveals that 20 percent of the population becomes sexually active at age 13. Not surprising, really, and comparable to the population in the States.

However, what amazed me is that the study also revealed that half of the muchachos 17-25 are taking some form of sexual stimulant. WOW!!! What a bubble burst! And here we thought papi was just really turned-on by our incredible beauty. Seriously, there is concern because the youth don't realize the potential side effects of the drugs and possible damage due to long-term usage.


Simbul said...

Yeah, I thought the same when I read it. I will admit I have a few pills a friend gave me, but only use them on the nights I am completely exhausted and my boo wants it then with no excuses.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because they are horny, little bastards and want to do it all the time!