Wednesday, July 12, 2006

1. strolling
2. showing off
3. entertaining


jorges samuel said...

watch out for nunber 2 showing off. he is a big crack head. dont get too confident with him.

jorge samuel

Anonymous said...

Why do people post such hateful comments Let people find out things for themselves... Fix manage and control your own life JESUS......

Anonymous said...

At least he still has a body , can we see your's????

jorge samuel said...

what is hateful about warning others of somthing or some one that could be harmful? as for your comment "let people find out for themselves",why not give people a friendly headsup.
and yes he does have a nice body and big thick dick,but so do alot of other no crack smoking buggies.
it sounds like you want to take advantage of the fact that a crackhead will sell his mother or baby,so maby he will do you cheap.
why would i show my body to a person who wont even put their name on the comment."el usuario anonimo dijo"
jorge samuel

Anonymous said...

oh i remember you.. p;ease keep them on!!!!