Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here are more pics from the beach at Boca Chica.

1. entrada
2. mature papi
3. just a weeee bit more
4. para la chicas


Anonymous said...

Stop taking pictures from our country...

Simbul said...

IGNORE THAT LAST POSTER!!! And send me the mature papi!!! Planning my 4th trip around Labour Day, will you be there? Would be great to meet you.

Anonymous said...

That ole man has a great body!

Anonymous said...

Now dats what i'm talkin about. The phyne ass older papi. Kept in shape and no doubt knows his way around. Dayum!! Post more if you got any.

Simbul said...

Hey, Mr. Washington. I know that some (not all) of the beach guys try to pick up at the beach. When the older papi was walking by, did you get that impression or did he just seem a breeder? Was he flexing (as most body builders consciously do) to get others to notice? My imagination sometimes gets the better of me.

T-D Moderator said...

LOL, you guys are too funny.

Simbul, I'm planning a trip around mid-October. And yes, alot of guys cruise at the beach. This particular papi made eye contact and smiled, knowing we were taking pictures, but kept on strolling down the beach.

He didn't appear to be flexing or screaming for attention. He was just confident and sexy.

As for the anonymous poster who says to stop taking pictures from "our" country, well...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Washington
I got it give to you.
Santo Doingo is my other home I just love going there when ever I can
I would like to meet you to compare notes and share similar stories I be there on August 12 to the 21

don't let anyone tell you what to write I personally love your blog