Friday, July 28, 2006


I thought I'd revisit my Brazilian fantasy. I'm usually a rather conservative person. I find Brazil interesting because of their hedonistic attitudes. I would love to spend about 2 weeks in Brazil visiting the various cities and "learning" about the different cultures and traditions. Why, I might even set aside my inhibitions and visit a few

of the bath houses they're noted for, or venture into one of the favelas (in daylight, of course!).

The Bahian Heat event is coming soon, so if you have a similar fantasy and have the time, you should check it out!

photos by Chris Geary


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Bahian Heat said...

You always show us love. Thanks Mr. Wish you were going with us. Keep up the good work. Are you coming to the White Party Moonlight Cruise on Friday in NYC. That will be hot too. See ya.