Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Tiempo para Carnaval

It's carnival time in the Dominican Republic with parades on Sundays all throughout February. One of the most outstanding of all carnivals is that held in La Vega, in the center of the Dominican Republic.

New for La Vega in 2017 is an area off-limits to the pranks of the traditional diablo cojuelo carnival characters in their devilishly looking masks and costumes. In this area, people will be kept from the revelers blasting their pig bladders on the legs of fans that may be in their way. The off-limits area runs from Calle Manlio Bobadilla (zona Presidente) near the Parque Las Palmas to Calle Comandante Jiménez Moya (Cueva Las Panitas). Fans lined up in this area can watch the diablos cojuelos, the floats and carnival characters without fear of a black and blue from a pig bladder beating.

This year, the La Vega Carnival includes live shows on Saturday evenings as of 9pm.

On Sundays, after the parade, the live concerts will be on the stages located at Avenida del Carnaval (Calle José Horacio Rodríguez).
Six artists have been booked per Sunday and will be performing simultaneously from the home bases of the diablo cojuelos. The shows start at 3pm and end at 6:30pm with the last one at the Parque Las Flores with an international artist.

Other outstanding February carnivals in the Cibao take place in the nearby cities of Santiago and Bonao also during the afternoons.

Those interested in participating in the La Vega Carnival can also consider overnighting in the mountain area of Jarabacoa, about half an hour away. See lodging options at:

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