Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Next Great Beaches

According to the March 2017 issue of Men's Journal, there are a few undiscovered gems that may soon be swarming with tourists as travelers venture into new areas of tourism, like eco-tourism and volunteer vacations, etc.

Here are two that are located in the Caribbean that we highly recommend before the mega-resorts take over. Shete Boka, "Seven Inlets" in Curacao's creole language of Papiamento, is inaccurately named. The waves have carved out way more than seven in this national park on the island's northern coast. Playa Kenepa Chiki, crescent of secluded sand turquoise water thought by some to be the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. One must also see the city's historic Pietermaai District -designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its collection of brightly hued 18th-century Dutch buildings. Curacao boasts some of the Caribbean's clearest waters, so the scuba diving is world-class.

In Cuba there are countless small beaches that dot the coastline, some so remote and inaccessible that enjoying them can feel more like an ordeal than an escape. For sweet middle ground, if you don't want the over-developed resorts, make the four hour drive to Trinidad, a cobble-stoned, colonial gem on the island's south coast. That's where you'll find Playa Ancon-possibly Cuba's prettiest beach. Ancon offers diving and kayaking in crystal blue waters, fresh caught lobster under thatched-roof cabanas, and some truly stellar sunsets. Try dinner at La Redaccion, an inventive Cuban spot that wouldn't feel out of place in Brooklyn. Find time for a day hike at Topes de Collantes, a stunning nature preserve featuring the 200-foot Salto del Caburni waterfall.

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