Friday, February 24, 2017

Ready For His Close Up

I was so tired of these games he was playing. After all, he had called ME! He claimed he had seen my ad in the Gayly Newz. I had been to three locations over the past two weeks to do a shoot, but he was always a no-show.

I agreed to give him one last chance after he called to apologize emphatically. He explained that he had seen the ad while visiting his cousin Raul in the Bronx, who was gay, but that he himself was not gay. He wanted to make a little extra money to finish paying for his graduation fees since his football scholarship had been used up on books, tuition and related expenses.

Tomas was eager to make what seemed like easy money, but he was anxious about what the photos would be like and giving the wrong impression to anyone who might see them and assume he was gay. After I informed him about the disclaimer we used for our photo spreads he consented to meet me in an "out of the way" location, away from prying eyes. (obviously still a bit hesitant) We were to meet early the next evening on the rooftop of a condo building where his homeboy worked as a doorman. His friend would provide access to the private elevator once I confirmed who I was.

As I rode the elevator to the roof I had no doubt he was there this time because the friend would have told me otherwise. As the door opened and I stepped out I almost dropped my equipment. ..

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