Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vacation Planning 101

Be sure to visit the Travel Info Page for helpful tips when planning your vacation to the Dominican Republic. Click on the ads for great deals!


David RI said...

I must tell you that this used to be the best website for finding what you were looking for and enjoying reading the stories and viewing the pictures. But this blog entry has now appeared 4 times EXACLY in the last 3 months. Gee - I know that sometimes you have writers block, by come on! - I know you replied that others may want to read it and find out, but yes, you are right. Don't you think it would be better to put up a LINK on the right hand side of the blog for this same Vacation Planning 101 ?? - - - Afterall, Nothing on this link has changed in 3 years.

Come one now. Get back to the reason why readers like me come to this blog. We come to read the great tropical stories and events and see the pictures and sites of the local people of the caribbean. I for one will give it just about a little more time before I move on....

Please try something new.... If you don't have anything new and exciting to write about, INVITE the readers to submit stories and articles of interest to other and share their vacation pics....

Good Luck!

T-D Moderator said...

David, thank you ever so kindly for continuing to read the blog. Your suggestions are wonderful, brilliant actually. However, I had already thought of it and have invited friends to submit their experiences and ideas. I'm simply awaiting their submissions.

In the meantime, I will continue to post what I please as often as I please. After all, it's MY blog. And there seems to be something about MY blog that keeps you coming back.

As I have said before, I will continue to repost this entry periodically to remind readers that it is there for their perusal and assistance. The page is updated as needed and was last updated a few months ago. So, maybe you didn't notice a change or maybe you just like to complain. If the latter is the case maybe you can visit other blogs like Rodonline (in the LINKS section)who repost the same entry at least once weekly. Maybe you can convince him to cease with the dreaded practice of posting whatever he wants to post on HIS blog.

Good luck!