Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Costa Rica is often said to feel like paradise. It has lush jungles, spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife and varied landscapes.
For gay travelers in particular, Costa Rica has gained a well-earned reputation as a comfortable place to visit. The discos may not rival those in New York, but where else can you climb a volcano with your lover during the day, then watch a drag show at night? It is recommended you start your evening at Cockatoo. This is a mainstay in San Jose and you can find out where to go from there. Their number is 506-777-5143.
Costa Rica has a bit for everyone. Spend time in the jungle, on the beach and in the city. Weary travelers can relax, or otherwise, at Sauna Hispalis. Some tour operators offer all-gay tours, but it is said to be easy enough to set one up on your own. You will meet plenty of gay people along the way. Ask them about Club LaAvispa or Club O.
One can fly into the capital, San Jose. It has charming architecture, a lively gay nightlife and a couple of nice museums. If you feel adventurous then head to Lake Arenal, a couple hours out of the city and high into the rainforests.

The Pacific coast is hot and sunny during dry season. Here you will find sandy beaches and national parks for hiking or viewing wildlife. There is also a bit of gay life here and a gay beach. The gay, clothing-optional, beach at Manuel Antonio has a beautiful waterfall. The beach, called La Playita, offers shady palm trees. Ask the locals to assist with access unless you know how to watch the tides.


T-D Moderator said...

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Anonymous said...

I have visited Costa Rica on several occasions and found everything you said to be true...I have not been there in a while as I now go to the DR but.....you make me want to return to Costa Rica......I may do that.

Anonymous said...

Having been to Costa Rica, San Jose, the capital city is not all that. It is grimy and heavily polluted. You will have to wipe unsightly, black soot from your nose frequently during the day. Get out of the San Jose to see the beauty the country has to offer.

Walter said...

Manuel Antonio & quepos is really as beautiful as the photo, it is a big tourist destination for americans, and while San Jose has gay bars, I didn't see any visible gay scene in Manuel Antonia when I was there two years ago.The Costa Rican men are handsome and very friendly.