Friday, January 30, 2009


Next to being at the Super Bowl here in the US, I would absolutely love to be in the Dominican Republic to watch the activities among gorgeous, excited Dominican men. Anywhere I can watch Dominique will suit me just fine!

dr1 reports the following:
Local US football fans have a date on Sunday, 1 February 7pm at the kick-off event organized by the Dominican League of American Football (LDFA), Dominican Raiders team at Beer House Cafe. The Super Bowl XLIII game matches the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. The gathering will be at the Beer House Cafe, (Tiradentes 28, 2nd floor, Naco, between Max Henriquez Urena street and Gustavo Mejia Ricart avenue). The Dominican League of American Football will present their exhibition and international games scheduled for 2009.

February is the preferred month for playing football in the DR because of the cooler temperatures. The Dominican League of American Football was re-launched in 2007. Dominican-born Luis Castillo plays professionally with the US National Football League's San Diego Chargers. Castillo is committed to promoting the sport in the DR. For more information on the LDFA, contact Ross Levy-Tovar at 809 564-6251 or 829-375-0989.

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