Thursday, January 31, 2008


There is yet another option in the plethora of accomodations springing up throughout Santo Domingo. One might overlook this miniscule offering when passing by. However, what it lacks in size it seems to make up for in style.

The Coco Boutique Hotel is located in the colonial zone with panoramic views of the sea and the Ozama River. There are only about seven rooms, but all are appointed nicely. The rates are $70-$90 US dollars, including free breakfast!

I spoke with the manager to inquire about guests, due to the latest trend of surprising hotel patrons with additional costs at the end of their stay. She stated that having guests is not a problem. There is a fee for overnight guests. (but as always, use discretion and common sense)

Of course, policies are subject to change. The hotel number is 1-809-685-8467. The office number, for english, is 1-829-968-4767.

If you need airport transfers, or a ride across town, Julius Fields has a nicely air-conditioned Nissan minivan. 1-809-686-0136 or He is an ex-patriate that is fluent in spanish.

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Elizabeth Mavrikis said...

Hi! Just to clarify the information here, guests are not permitted in the rooms in Coco Boutique Hotel.
Thanks! Coco Boutique Hotel Management