Monday, April 16, 2007


For those of us who have enjoyed strolling the Conde and exploring the Colonial Zone, yet pointed out how dirty and unsightly things can appear at times, here's some good news. The government finally realizes that in order to attract more tourists they need to spruce up the place, not just add more hotels.

dr1 reports that the Colonial Zone has been receiving a makeover as workers continue to clean up the area. Listin Diario writes that the beggars commonly seen around the historic city center have been cleared out and palm trees have been planted around of some of the monuments and sites. Many buildings have been painted and the trash in the area is being removed. Also, seats have been placed at the Maria Toledo Park and a water fountain is being fixed. The biggest headache for Tourist Police at the moment is the shoeshine boys who are considered a nuisance for tourists walking around the historic city center.

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