Sunday, April 01, 2007

Memorial Weekend-SAN JUAN

In its sixth official year, sanjuanbrothas ™ continues to play host to more than four thousand of the hippest consumers from across the continental U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.

With more than 30 Black Gay Pride Celebration and circuit parties taking place across the United States, Canada and South Africa, the sanjuanbrothas program is the first and only destination festival marketed to the African American gay Community. This event continues to break attendance records annually. This five day event includes financial, health, and fitness seminars, concerts, local historic activities, aquatic activities, a film forum and literary roundtables.

“This isn’t the first event of its kind for the Black gay community but it is the most successful" says Williams Marshall, President of sanjuanbrothas Inc.

In the meanwhile sanjuanbrothas 2007 is underway and plans to entertain, educate and unite the hippest and most savvy African American gay traveler on the planet. Flying Cow Marketing and Media is committed to becoming the nation’s leaders in destination travel for the African American gay community.

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