Tuesday, April 10, 2007


There has been some talk, and some questions asked, about the new hotel adjacent to Independence Park in Santo Domingo. Hotel Discovery is in an excellent location, overlooking the park. It is said to have some rooms that offer views of the caribbean as well.

It has a rooftop bar, a small pool/jacuzzi, and other amenities. The rates are quite reasonable.

When I spoke to the manager he told me that having guests are not a problem. But as always, I strongly suggest using discretion. You may contact the hotel by calling 1-809-687-4048 or by emailing hoteldiscovery@verizon.net.do


Anonymous said...

they aree not gay friendly
just go to the restaurant on any day between 2 and 10 and is always empty
and not you can not bring a bugaron inside

Anonymous said...

Moderator-have you been there? Do you know anyone who has stayed there? I'm interested in other places other than the usual suspects- Caribe Colonial, etc.

Their website looks a bit dicey to me, dead links and things.

Anonymous said...

i did not stay there but actually went to see what the hotel was like. rooms are small but nice. not ALL rooms have a view, most do not. pool is more like a jacuzzi with no bubbles. four adults could probably fit. can see a lot from the roof. not necessarily a nice view. you can take guest but there is a $10 charged! staff is just not friendly period! met "some" that stayed there that didn't seem too pleased. however, they stayed there a week.

T-D Moderator said...

The hotel is fairly new. I have not stayed there, but hear it is very nice in appearance.

As for the service, I can only imagine that if it's bad that it's not personal. Some of the service at "known" gay-friendly hotels is not that great! We can only hope for standards such as we have at American hotels, but that seems to be something lacking at budget hotels. (Dominican or American)

The manager did tell me that guests are no problem. If you have to pay a guest fee then you just have to pay it. Other hotels have similar policies.

As for taking a buggie into their restaurant, again I say d-i-s-c-r-e-t-i-o-n, mixed with respect it goes a long way and has been known to open many doors.

If you want hotel alternatives you can check out the Travel Info page in the links section. The Monaga site also has some listings.

Anonymous said...

I was just in Santo Domingo and took a tour of the hotel. The rooms are on the small side and a little more basic than say the Caribe Colionial. The rooms are decorated similar to those at the Mercure. The guest policy was explained to me as follows:

If you have a guest before 6pm, there is no additional charge to you.
If you have a guest the arrives before 6pm but leaves after 6pm, there is a 10 dollar charge.
If you have a guest that arrives after 6pm, there is a 10 dollar charge.

Before you check-in, make sure that this is completely spelled out with the manager. Some of the staff interpret the policy one way and some another.

This is a OK hotel in with a very convienent location, but if you have a guest after the clock strikes 6pm, you will be charged.

P.S.: Hey Allan. I just love your Blog. Look forward to the postings every week. Take Care

Rod in Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!