Friday, January 05, 2007


After I moved into my new home outside of Guayacanes I discovered the jets in my jacuzzi didn't work. I spent half the day waiting on the pool guy to show up, causing me to miss an appointment.

It was a hot and humid day so I noticed his t-shirt was clinging to his sculted torso when he finally arrived. He seemed to think I was sizing him up. "Mi apologia" he said huskily, his hand rubbing across those hard abs. Because I was still fuming from having missed my "date", I showed him where the jacuzzi was and went inside to start work on my dinner.

I hadn't given him another thought when, sometime later, I heard a splash outside. "He finally fixed it" I thought as I went to investigate. As I stepped outside, the water swirling in the small pool wasn't all I saw. He had removed his clothing, was now getting out of the pool and walking toward me.
He looked directly into my eyes and asked "Es muy bien, si?" As I assessed the scenario that had unfolded, I gave him a wicked grin and whispered..."perfect, absolutely perfect."


Anonymous said...

Now this man is FINE

victor said...

Then what happened?!

Anonymous said...

I hear Angelo is very sick any word on how he's doing